School of Arts and Humanities
Historical Studies  BA    
History    MA  
Humanities    MA  PhD
Humanities - Aesthetic Studies    MA  PhD
Humanities - History of Ideas    MA  PhD
Humanities - Studies in Literature    MA  PhD
Latin American Studies    MA  
Literary Studies  BA    
Philosophy  BA    
Visual and Performing Arts  BA    
School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication
Arts and Technology  BA  MA, MFA  PhD
Emerging Media and Communication  BA  MA  
School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Applied Cognition and Neuroscience    MS  
Audiology      AuD
Child Learning and Development  BS    
Cognition and Neuroscience      PhD
Cognitive Science  BS    
Communication Disorders    MS  
Communication Sciences and Disorders      PhD
Human Development and Early Childhood Disorders    MS  
Neuroscience  BS    
Psychological Sciences    MS  PhD
Psychology  BS    
Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology  BS    
School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences
Applied Sociology    MS  
Criminology  BA  MS  PhD
Economics  BA, BS  MS  PhD
Geospatial Information Sciences  BS  MS  PhD
International Political Economy  BA, BS  MS  
Justice Administration and Leadership    MS  
Political Science  BA  MA  PhD
Political Science - Constitutional Law Studies    MA  
Political Science - Legislative Studies    MA  
Public Affairs  BS  MPA  PhD
Public Policy  BS  MPP  
Public Policy and Political Economy      PhD
Social Data Analytics and Research    MS  
Sociology  BA    
Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science
Biomedical Engineering  BS  MS  PhD
Computer Engineering  BS  MS  PhD
Computer Science  BS  MSCS  PhD
Electrical Engineering  BSEE  MSEE  PhD
Materials Science and Engineering    MS  PhD
Mechanical Engineering  BS  MS  PhD
Software Engineering  BS  MS  PhD
Systems Engineering and Management * (ECS)    MS  
Telecommunications Engineering    MSTE  PhD
School of Interdisciplinary Studies
American Studies  BA    
Healthcare Studies  BS    
Interdisciplinary Studies  BA, BS  MA  
Naveen Jindal School of Management
Accounting  BS  MS  
Business Administration  BS    
Business Analytics    MS  
Energy Management    MS  
Finance  BS  MS  
Financial Engineering and Risk Management    MS  
Global Business  BS    
Healthcare Leadership and Management    MS  
Healthcare Management  BS    
Human Resource Management  BS    
Information Technology and Management    MS  
Information Technology and Systems  BS    
Innovation and Entrepreneurship    MS  
International Management Studies    MS  PhD
Management Science    MS  PhD
Marketing  BS  MS  
Master of Business Administration    MBA  
Supply Chain Management  BS  MS  
Systems Engineering and Management * (JSOM)    MS  
School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Actuarial Science  BS  MS  
Biochemistry  BS    
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology    MS  
Biology  BA, BS    
Biotechnology    MS  
Chemistry  BA, BS  MS  PhD
Geosciences  BS  MS  PhD
Mathematics  BA, BS  MS  PhD
Mathematics Education    MAT  
Molecular and Cell Biology    MS  PhD
Molecular Biology  BS    
Physics  BA, BS  MS  PhD
Science Education    MAT  
Statistics    MS  PhD