Web Accessibility

It is the policy of The University of Texas at Dallas that all official University information published on University websites shall be accessible to all users. The University must comply with the Texas Administrative Code 206.70 Accessibility Standard, and therefore all Web pages containing official University information that are built, updated or revised after the effective date of this policy must comply with the TAC 206.70 standards. TAC 206.70 establishes only a minimum standard for accessibility and Web pages; developers are encouraged to go beyond the minimum whenever possible.

UT Dallas is committed to providing accessibility of its site.
The University Web Services team ensures the home and gateway pages meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA Web accessibility standards and promotes best practices in accessibility to all web developers employed at UT Dallas.

The University has designated a staff member, Dawn Berglund, to serve as the Web Accessibility Coordinator. The coordinator will monitor the University's compliance with this policy and train Web publishers and developers how to make all Web pages accessible. To contact the Web accessibility coordinator, send email to accessibility@utdallas.edu.