Travel-Related Risk

Whenever students or members of the public are involved in travel or risk-related activities, the University has a responsibility to insure the safety of all participants. These links will assist you in understanding your responsibilities in planning and preparing for travel and risk-related activities.

Policies and Procedures

What You Need to Know (PDFPortable Document Format File, 28KB)

Emergency Procedures (PDFPortable Document Format File, 21KB)

Guidelines for Academic Units (PDFPortable Document Format File, 99KB)

Guests Best Practices (PDFPortable Document Format File, 179KB)

Travel Management

Travel and Risk Related Activities Policy, UTDBP3023

UT System Policy on Automobile Insurance Coverage for Officers and Employees and General Requirements for the Use of Vehicles, UTS157



Peter Bond

Assistant Vice President for Procurement


AD 2.408E

Mail Stop AD 31


Gene Fitch

Dean of Students


MC 2.404

Mail Stop MC 39

Domestic Student Affairs Travel

Abby Kratz

Associate Provost


AD 2.228

Mail Stop AD 43

Domestic Academic Student Travel

Imperio Shanks

Assistant Director, International Center, Risk and Safety Office


SSB 3.400

Mail Stop SSB 34

All International Travel for Students, Faculty and Staff

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Forms and Guidelines for Student Travel

Domestic Travel - Release and Indemnification Agreement for Minor Participants, B4 (PDFPortable Document Format File, 79KB)

Domestic Travel - Release and Indemnification Agreement for Adult Participants, B4-A (PDFPortable Document Format File, 80KB)

Medical Information and Release Form - Minor, B4-B (PDFPortable Document Format File, 78KB)

Medical Information and Release Form - Adult, B4-C (PDFPortable Document Format File, 38KB)

Foreign Travel - Minor Participants Release and Indemnification Agreement, B4-D (PDFPortable Document Format File, 80KB)

Foreign Travel - Adult Participants Release and Indemnification Agreement, B4-E (PDFPortable Document Format File, 78KB)

Student/Team/Group Domestic Travel Authorization, Exhibit B14-D (PDFPortable Document Format File, 107KB)

Student/Team/Group Foreign Travel Authorization, Exhibit B14-F (PDFPortable Document Format File)

Team/Group Travel Disbursement Register, B15 (PDFPortable Document Format File, 51KB)

International Travel Authorization Form for Faculty and Staff. (PDFPortable Document Format File)

Out-of-State, Foreign, and Field Trip Course Approval Form (PDFPortable Document Format File, 67KB)