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Administration Leadership Team

Calvin D. Jamison Calvin D. Jamison, Ed.D.
Vice President
for Administration
Vice President for Administration Dr. Calvin D. Jamison has responsibility for construction and maintenance of University facilities, the safety and security of the campus, human resources as well as any auxiliary services. He is designated as the Custodian of Records and the Ethics Officer for the University.
Rick DempseyRick Dempsey
Associate Vice President for Administration,
Facilities Management
Facilities Management monitors all construction projects and provides maintenance services: custodial, recycling, electrical, landscaping, plumbing, utilities, fleet, access, remodeling and moving and event setup. It also oversees the University's energy conservation and sustainability effort.
James Wright James Wright, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President for Administration,
Environmental Health and Safety
Environmental Health and Safety is a collaborative services unit of the University, devoted to ensuring the health and safety of all UT Dallas students, faculty, staff and visitors. The department monitors gas emissions, is responsible for fire and lab safety, industrial hygiene, workers' compensation, emergency management, hazardous waste management and provides safety training.
Colleen Dutton Colleen Dutton
Assistant Vice President for Administration,
Human Resources
Human Resources Management partners with the administration, faculty and staff in implementing talent management strategies that support the University’s goal of being a global leader in innovative, high quality science, engineering, business education and research.
Bob Fishbein Bob Fishbein
Assistant Vice President for Administration,
Auxiliary Services
Auxiliary Services aims to enhance the university experience by offering quality food, products and services to UT Dallas students, faculty, staff and campus visitors with an eye toward continually improving campus services. The department operates the bookstore and the technology store, directs parking and transportation services as well as manages food and vending services, mail, inventory and printing and copying serivces.
Larry Zacharias

Larry Zacharias
University Police

The UT Dallas Police Department, comprised of commissioned and non-commissioned personnel, is a fully functional, modern law enforcement agency. The Department is open and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All police officers have broad jurisdiction and are empowered and equipped to respond and investigate all calls for service, criminal offenses and non-criminal incidents on campus.
Timothy Shaw
University Attorney,
The University Attorney focuses on legal review of personnel matters, business law, contracts and policy revisions; serves as liaison with UT System attorneys and offers advice to University stakeholders.
Naomi Emmett Naomi Emmett
Financial Services Manager,
The Financial Services Manager helps oversee many of the university's centralized financial concerns, assisting the assistant vice president for auxiliary services with all forms of financial reporting, including recurring custom reports, annual reports, annual budgets, financial forecasts and status reports.
Tysh Coleman Tysh Coleman
Senior Project Coordinator,
The senior Project Coordinator manages public information requests, subpoenas and contracts as well as the vice president’s office. She takes the lead on many Administration special events and helps coordinate upgrades to UT Dallas facilities.
Cris Aquino Cris Aquino
Director of Parking
and Transportation Services,
The Director for Parking and Transportation Services helps the University improve operating efficiency by identifying areas for improvement. He oversees Comet Cruiser service, expansion of Comet Cab service and the organization and allotment of color-coded parking areas.