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Star Employee Award Program

The Star Employee may be nominated by anyone.

To qualify for nomination, employees:

  • Must have been with an Office of Administration division for at least three months with no disciplinary action pending or initiated in the last three to six months.
  • Must not have been the recipient of the award more than once during four consecutive quarters
  • All employees who meet the criteria above are eligible for this nomination
  • Up to 10 employees will be awarded per quarter. Consideration to increase this amount may be granted for extenuating circumstances.

Nominations should be based on at least one of the following criteria:

  • Consistent, exemplary job performance OR a special one-time achievement;
  • Demonstrated desirable customer service skills;
  • Contributions toward the University's lean initiative (save resources, etc.);
  • Overall positive working relationships with supervisor and peers;
  • Dedication and commitment to a work ethic above and beyond the minimum required.


The Office of Administration Oustanding Employee Award will be presented two times per year.

  1. Any UT Dallas employee or student may submit an email to detailing the significant contribution(s) of a Office of Administration employee as a Star Award nominee by the 10th day of the month preceding the award ceremony.
  2. The committee chair will compile and forward all nominations to the Office of Human Resources representative for approval to officially add the nominee to the ranking sheet.
  3. The HR representative will respond to the committee chair with an approval to advance the nominee in the selection process (or disapproval with a basic reason).
  4. If a department’s nominee is not approved and there is not another nominee represented by that department, then the committee chair will request a nominee from the department head, informing him/her of the ineligibility of the previously submitted nominee. Steps 2 & 3 will be repeated for the nominee.
  5. The committee chair will add all eligible nominees to the ranking sheet and will forward it along with the compiled nomination submissions to the committee.
  6. Committee members will review the nominations on their own first and will discuss as a group during an in-person meeting. Note: If there are more than 10 submissions for the quarter, each committee member will rank all of the nominees.
  7. If a ranking is necessary, the committee chair will collect the ranking sheets and will tally the results privately.
  8. The committee chair will present the names of the ten honorees (in no particular order) to the Vice President for the Office of Administration and the committee in confidence.
  9. A Office of Administration staff member will coordinate the securing of the awards.
  10. During the awards ceremony, the Vice President of the Office of Administration will announce the names of the honorees and will present each with a Star Employee certificate.