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Research News

See the latest news about discoveries, inventions, designs and scholarly achievements at UT Dallas – breakthroughs that are taking the University toward its goal of becoming one of the nation’s best public research universities.

Biology, Chemistry Combine in New Research Project

Pantano-Draper Scientists at The University of Texas at Dallas have received a federal grant to investigate how tiny carbon structures used in the manufacture of many everyday products might affect human health. read more

Tech Advances Could Eliminate Majority of Current Jobs

ISSUES magazine, Spring 2014 edition A review of research in robotics and information technology in the spring edition of Issues in Science and Technology indicates that within the next 10 to 20 years a combination of technologies will be capable of performing the jobs of as many as 80 percent of current workers. read more

Study: Youth Who Fail to Envision Future Commit More Crimes

Dr. Alex Piquero A UT Dallas study shows that teen offenders who don't view long lives ahead of them are more likely to continue committing crimes and engage in more serious offenses. read more

Cybersecurity Researchers Roll Out A New Heartbleed Solution

Kevin Hamlen As companies scrambled in recent days to address the latest cybersecurity bug known as Heartbleed, researchers at UT Dallas had a solution that fixes the vulnerability, and also detects and entraps hackers who might be using it to steal sensitive data. read more


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