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Research News

See the latest news about discoveries, inventions, designs and scholarly achievements at UT Dallas – breakthroughs that are taking the University toward its goal of becoming one of the nation’s best public research universities.

New BrainHealth Test May Detect Who Is Most at Risk for Alzheimer's

Dr. John Hart, Jr. In a recent study, researchers at Center for BrainHealth at UT Dallas found that individuals with amnestic mild cognitive impairment have twice the risk of others in their age group of progressing to Alzheimer's after identifying a specific variation in their brain waves. read more

Biologist Investigates How Gene-Swapping Bacteria Evade Antibiotics

Dr. Kelli Palmer Research led by Dr. Kelli Palmer is revealing how "sex" among disease-causing microbes can lead different species or strains to become resistant to antibiotic medications. read more

Criminologist Tackles Perception of NFL Players

Dr, Alex Piquero A study led by Dr. Alex Piquero refutes the impression that criminal activity is an epidemic in the National Football League. The research found that the overall arrest rate for the general population was nearly twice as high as the rate for NFL players from 2000 to 2013. read more

Writers Propose Committee to Assess New Technology

In the summer 2015 edition of Issues in Science and Technology, two professors write that the Governance Coordination Committee could assess the effects of new technologies and orchestrate society's response when problems are identified. read more