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The University of Texas at Dallas
Graduate Admissions

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Application Instructions

  • Fill out the application using the selection tool above.
  • Pay the application fee.
  • Provide an official transcript demonstrating the completion of a bachelor's degree with a grade average of B or better in upper-division (junior and senior level) work in your major field and related fields from UT Dallas or another equivalent university or its equivalent from a university outside of the US. The document must show the type of degree and the date you earned it. In order for your academic documents to be official, they must be in a sealed envelope with the school seal or signature on the back side of the envelope. Transcripts can be sent to our mailing address.
  • Applicants are encouraged to also provide photocopies of transcripts of all universities attended.
  • For international degrees, a degree certificate or diploma is required along with your transcripts. Please submit all documents in their original language along with certified English translations. The academic institution or government agency must perform the translation services.
  • Consult the Degrees Offered page for application requirements and submit any additional documents, letters of recommendations, test scores, or essays.
  • International applicants see our International Students page for additional requirements.