Faculty and Staff

Zsuzsanna Ozsváth
Leah and Paul Lewis Chair in Holocaust Studies
Director of the Holocaust Studies Program
Professor, LIT/HIST
Office: JO 4.800
Phone: 972-883-2758
Email: zozsvath@utdallas.edu

David Patterson
Hillel Feinberg Chair in Holocaust Studies
Professor, LIT/HIST
Office: JO 4.800
Phone: 972-883-2049
Email: david.patterson@utdallas.edu

Nils Roemer
Barbara and Stan Rabin Professor of Holocaust Studies
Professor, HIST
Office: JO 4.800
Phone: 972-883-2769
Email: nroemer@utdallas.edu

Abby Kratz
Associate Provost
Director of the Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies
Office: JO 4.800
Phone: 972-883-6742
Email: abby.kratz@utdallas.edu

Debbie Pfister
Lecturer 1, HIST
Office: JO 5.608b
Phone: 972-883-2735
Email: dhpf@utdallas.edu

Marshall Coleman
Office: JO 5.608b
Phone: 972-883-2728
Email: marshall.coleman@utdallas.edu

Bonnie Gordon
Administrative Assistant II
Office: JO 4.800
Phone: 972-883-4171
Email: bonnieg@utdallas.edu

Cindy Seton-Rogers
Communications Specialist
Office: JO 4.800
Phone: 972-883-2724
Email: cmc063000@utdallas.edu

Last Updated: 1/8/2014