Course Schedule Updates

Adding New Instructors to Course Lookup

Instructors who have never taught at UTD before will need to obtain a netID and UTD-ID number before they can be added to Course Lookup. The netID and UTD-ID are assigned when their computer account is setup. We can setup their computer account once they accept the offer, even if they are not in the HR system yet.

Please note: PAFs and HR forms are not required to add an instructor to Course Lookup.

To setup a computer account, the instructor will need to complete the following forms: (Jerri, Beth, Karen, Becky, and Brett all know how to process computer accounts.)


University Affiliate Form (UAFF)
Computer Account Request Form
Copy of SS Card needs to be attached to forms

Once the forms are received and processed by IR, the new instructor will need to go to the netID site to setup their password.

Once the computer account is setup, the following information needs to be sent to the A&H scheduling coordinator, Michelle Lemon:

Last 4 of SSN

Michelle can then request that the instructor be setup in Orion and listed on Course Lookup.