HUAS 6313 The Business of the Arts

Spring 2011, Spring 2012 and Spring 2013 Contemporary Exhibition Studies by Greg Metz
This seminar introduced the litany of operational responsibilities and creative directives of a visual arts gallery. From distinguishing the variations of gallery spaces to the specifics of proposing exhibition ideas, public relations, artistic curating, director/ dealer/curator relationships and financing, this course explored the behind the scenes activity of creating and presenting an exhibition. Special guest presentations provided professional insight reflecting various aspects of their gallery/art space enterprises. Hands on experience of art handling, hanging, lighting and presenting work was an accompanying part of this course agenda. Off site visitations and participatory assisting offered variations of these experiences. Students submitted a written comparative analysis of their experiences and readings while maintaining a logbook. A final project of presenting an exhibition proposal concluded the semester in lieu of a final. Visits to Valley House Gallery and Sculpture Garden, with Lisa Taylor of Taylor Made Press, Vicki Meek from the South Dallas Cultural Center, Monte Martin of Martin & Martin Design, the Rauchofsky House, Texas accountants and lawyers for the Arts, Chris Byrnes from The Dallas Art Fair and others were scheduled to provide students with practical, hands-on knowledge related to the staging of exhibitions.