Catherine Craft

Bonnie Pitman

Adjunct Assistant Curator for Research and Exhibitions at the Nasher Sculpture Center (NSC), from January 11, 2011 through October 10, 2013 in collaboration with Jeremy Strick, Director and Jed Morse, Curator at NSC.

  • Project description: Catherine Craft has been hired to do research on the permanent collection of NSC; conceive and research exhibitions for the Center; write for museum publications; and teach one graduate seminar per year for The University of Texas at Dallas. Her collection research has led to the exhibition of works that the museum has never or only rarely shown, in particular Richard Serra’s 1969 Inverted House of Cards. She has conceived and is working on exhibitions of work by the sculptor Melvin Edwards (for 2015) and a survey of work in all media by Hans (Jean) Arp (for 2017). Her contributions to NSC publications include a scholarly essay on Isamu Noguchi for an upcoming exhibition of post-war ceramic sculpture, Return to Earth, and she is currently teaching a class on the object in Dada and Surrealism for The University of Texas at Dallas students.