Nasher Sculpture Center: Curator for Research and Exhibitions

A grant of $100,000.00 over two years starting in 2011 to support Catherine Craft, as Adjunct Assistant Curator for Research and Exhibitions at the Nasher Sculpture Center. In this position, Catherine Craft played an important role in the expansion of the curatorial programming at the Nasher Sculpture Center and in the development of important exhibitions, research, preparation of didactic materials and display of the collection. Catherine also taught one class per semester at UT Dallas.

With the recent expansion of programs of scholarly exhibitions and publications at the Nasher Sculpture Center (NSC), the addition of Catherine Craft’s position as Adjunct Assistant Curator for Research and Exhibitions played a critical role in ongoing curatorial efforts at the museum.
Catherine Craft was reporting to the NSC Curator, Jed Morse. She was involved in all aspects of the curatorial process: undertaking research for future exhibitions and potential acquisitions; adding to the center’s  documentation and understanding of its Collection. She participated in the writing, research and production of didactics and other narrative materials utilized in the ongoing display of art at the NSC. Upcoming exhibition projects over the next two years include our Sightings series—regular installations of new work by local and international artists; Statuesque, the first exhibition presented in the NSC Garden, featuring work by artists from the United States, Pakistan, Great Britain, and Poland; a survey of the work of British artist Tony Cragg; and a study of ceramic sculpture produced by major European and American artists in the years immediately following the Second World War. During the period of Catherine Craft’s appointment, the NSC shall undertake several reinstallations of the NSC collection, some organized thematically, others historically.
Additionally, the Adjunct Assistant Curator taught one course per academic year at The University of Texas at Dallas under the guidance of Dr. Richard Brettell.

  • Spring 2012: HUAS 6317-501 RAUSHENBERG/TWOMBLY/JOHNS