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Comer Collection of Photography

Mark Klett, Standing before the Solitario Mountains, 1989/1994, silver gelatin print, 11 x 14 inches.

About the Comer Collection

The Jerry and Marilyn Comer Photography Collection captures scenes of American life from the middle to late 20th century. Jerry Comer, who earned a master's degree in management from UT Dallas in 1977, began collecting rare and important photographs in the 1970's and decided that the time had come to protect the images for future generations. "Because of my affiliation with UT Dallas, and because of the university's budding photography program, I felt the gift to UTD was a natural fit," Comer, a retired engineer, said. "I am glad to know the images will be used for educational purposes and that they will be admired and studied for years to come."

Marked by both its diversity and high quality, the collection contains over 350 photographs dating from 1940 to the present, as well as more than 300 books and periodicals relating to modern and contemporary art and photography.  The archive includes a number of strengths, including notable representation of the work of women artists, socially conscious photographers, and photographers from Texas.  Numerous images documenting American history, including several from the Civil Rights movement, comprise a central highlight. The portfolio also provides a visual record of urban settings, with an emphasis on New York City, as well as a range of images of the American vista.  Other gems in the collection represent innovative work with staged and altered photography.



Binary Consciousness:
Keily Anderson-Staley, Honored Photographer Lecture and Exhibition

Curated by Dr. Giraud Polite
February 17 – March 10, 2017
University Theatre, UT Dallas
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Keliy Anderson-Staley, Kevin, 2010, wet-plate collodion tintype.

Kim Stringfellow, Honored Photographer Lecture

March 8, 2016
Jonsson Performance Hall, UT Dallas
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Kim Stringfellow, Gem-O-Rama (pink Halite field trip), Searles Lake, Trona, CA, 2014, The Mojave Project. Photograph © Kim Stringfellow 2014-2015.

American Landscape and the American Dream

Curated by Devyn Gaudet
February 19 – March 12, 2016
Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology Building, Gallery, UT Dallas
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Peter Brown, Dimmitt Meat Company, 1992, ektacolor print, 8 x 10 inches.

Of Nature

Curated by Twyla Bloxham
March 27 – April 24, 2015
Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology Building, Gallery, UT Dallas
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Lucas Foglia, Alex with Magnolia Rain Hat, North Carolina, 2007, Digital C-print on Fuji paper 23.5 x 30 inches.

Physical Labor

Curated by Lupita Murillo Tinnen
April 4 – May 3, 2014
Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology Building, Gallery, UT Dallas
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Ken Light, John, seventy-seven years old and missing three fingers, points to himself in a 1952 panoramic by Rufus Ribble. Amigo, West Virginia, 2002, silver gelatin print, 10 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches.


Curated by Melanie Levin
February 7 – April 14, 2012
University Theatre Gallery/Lobby, UT Dallas
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Andrea Modica, Treadwell, New York, 1990, gelatin silver, 8 x 10 inches.

Fragile Connection

Curated by Kerry Ann Hennigin
February 8 – April 16, 2011
University Theatre Gallery/Lobby, UT Dallas
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Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie, Idelia, dye-sublimation print, 1995.

Photojournalism of the Civil Rights Movement:
A View of the Cold War's Home Front

Curated by Matt Hinckley
February 9 – March 26, 2010
Cecil and Ida Green Center, UT Dallas
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Gordon Parks, Ella Watson, American Gothic, Washington, D.C., 1942, gelatin silver, 13.2 x 9.7 inches on 14 x 11 inch paper.


Curated by Marilyn Waligore
February 1 – March 7, 2008
Cecil and Ida Green Center, UT Dallas
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Earlie Hudnall, Jr., Three Drummers, gelatin silver photograph, 1996.

Social / Scene

Curated by Diane Durant McGurren
October 31 – December 13, 2008
Cecil and Ida Green Center, UT Dallas
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June Van Cleef, T.S. Redford, Lund Ranch, silver gelatin print, 12 x 9 inches, 1982/97.

List of Comer Collection Prints

Artist Title Date Medium Size
Abbott, Berenice El Station, 6th & 9th Ave. Lines, Manhattan 1936 gelatin silver 9.3×7.3
Adams, Ansel Cathedral Spires and Rocks, Yosemite 49/91 gelatin silver 9.5×7.4
Adams, Ansel Winter Sunrise, Sierra Nevada 1944 reproduction 13.7×10.1
Anderson, Richard Viking Bristlecone 1983 gelatin silver 10×10.3
Arnold, Eve First Five Minutes of Baby's Life, NY 1959 gelatin silver 11.5×8
Bacon-Kidwell, Angela Memories of Two 2009 Crane Museo silver rag archive print 10×15
Baer, Morley Round Vally & Mt. Tom 74/88 gelatin silver 14.5×10.5
Ballis, George First Grape Strike by NFWA, Delano CA 66/07 silver gelatin 11×14
Ballis, George First Grape Strike by NFWA, Delano CA 1966 silver gelatin 11×14
Balog, James Chimpanzee with Curtain 1991 ektacolor 9.1×9.3
Bankhead, Judy (Woman with Baby) 91/94 gelatin silver 6.1×6
Banta, Alyssa Boy with Toy Hoop 2007 Digital Pigment print 13×19
Baril, Tom Roses in Vase 2002 toned silver gelatin 20×15.5
Behr, Sheri Lynn Gold Cat 068 | Man 069 2008 archival pigment print 8×16
Berman, Zeke Measuring Cup 1979 platinum 9.5×7.4
Berman, Zeke Untitled (Web #2) 1988 gelatin silver 12.8×9.8
Bernhard, Ruth Shell and Driftwood 1942-49 gelatin silver 10.2×13.5
Bey, Dawoud Five Children, Syracuse, NY 85/96 gelatin silver 12×7.9
Birnbaum, Meg Sheep in Hoods   sepia toned silver gelatin 9×9
Black, Matt Dawn, Firebaugh 1996 pigmented inkjet print 6.5×10
Bleasdale, Marcus Open Gold Mine Pit, North Eastern Congo 1995 silver gelatin 8×10
Block, Gay Zofia Baniecka 1986 type C color 14.4×17.6
Breakey, Kate Cyanocitta Cristaio 1997 silver gelatin 7×7
Breakey, Kate Sleeping Cat 2008 silver gelatin toned and hand colored with oil and pencil 8×8
Brenner, Marion Aconitum (monkshood) 93/94 gelatin silver 4×5
Broughton, Christopher Ruby Beach, OlympicvNational Park, Washington   digital pigment print 13×19
Brown, Pat Bench, 2002 2005 sepia toned silver gel 10×10
Brown, Peter Dimmitt Meat Company 1992 ektacolor 7.1×8.9
Bucklow, Christopher Sol Invectus 1994 cibachrome 12×12
Burkholder, Dan Hudson River and Cat Skills from Olana 2008/09 pigmented ink print 10×15
Burkholder,Dan Turtle in Church 93/94 Platinum/ 4.2×6.1
Burnstine, Susan Suspend 2007 archival pigment print 10×10
Caffery, Debbie Flem. Cavali 1990 gelatin silver 9.6×12.6
Calfee, Laura Cricket & Joy 1998 Ilfochrome 14×11
Callis, Jo Ann Untitled (Angel) 1992 chromogenic 9.5×12.1
Campbell, Scott C. Her Last Roll of Toilet Paper 2005 pigmented ink on archival paper 8×8
Campbell, Scott C. Cypress Knees   Digital Pigment print 15×20
Carter, Keith Birth of Photography, Study #2 (Lacock Abbey) 2004 Digital Pigment print 15×15
Casanave, Martha Untitled (Beware of Dog) 1996 silver chloride 8.5×12
Casebere, James Barrel Vaulted Room 94/98 platinum 7.5×9.5
Chambers, Tom Prom Gown #3 2005/07 archival pigment print 10×10
Chamlee, Paula Creitz Farm, from series High Plains Farm 1994 silver chloride 9.6×7.7
Chamlee, Paula San Ignacio, Baja California 2003 gelatin silver print 7.75×9.5
Chandler, Polly Aransas 2005 silver gelatin 6×8
Conant, Danny At Sea 1998 emulsion transfer 8×12
Conant, Danny Mama's Letter   emulsion transfer 8×10
Cox, Renee Atlas 1995 gelatin silver 10.4×10.5
Cromer-Campbell, Tammy Wildorado Wind Project, Binford Ranch   Digital Pigment print 11×17
Cromer-Campbell, Tammy Lost Love Triptych   silver neg digital pigment 12×24
Cunningham, Imogen Eggs in Ruth Asawa's Basket 1956 platinum 5.5×6.5
Delano, Jack Family of Peter V Andrews, 1941 1995 exhibition poster 34×22
Denton, Kay Unbeholding 2005 silver gelatin 8×10
Denton, Kay Bent Tree 2005 Digital Pigment print 8×10
Dopson, Diana Fairyland, Specimen W23 2005 Chromogenic print 5.5×1.5
Dresser, Rod S-Shaped Sand Dune, Death Valley Ntl Mnmt 83/94 gelatin silver 10.5×10.5
Ebner, Suzanne Fadin' Away   silver gelatin 9.5×13.5
Evans, D. Clarke Ace Spring   Digital Pigment print 7×16
Evans, James H. Bull Snake on Sofa 1992 gelatin silver 7.4×9.3
Fagan, Dennis Stallion 1999 gelatin silver 10×10
Feininger, Andreas Jewish Shop, Lower East Side, Manhatten ~1940 gelatin silver 10.2×12.5
Fernandez, Benedict J. Memorial to MLK, Central Park, NYC, April 5 1968 gelatin silver 12.2×8.1
Fink, Larry Studio 54, NYC, May 77 1977 gelatin silver 9.8×10
Finlay, Colin Religious Pilgrimage, Saut d'Eau, Haiti 1999 silver gelatin 8×10
Fitch, Blake Dorothy 1997 pigmented inkjet print 8×10
Francois, Nine Monkey Legs #1 98/99 silver gelatin 9×9
Freed, Leonard Harlem, New York City 63/9? gelatin silver 8×12
Fuhrmann, Ernst Group of Four Plant Photographs c. 1930 vintage gelatin silver 9.5×7
Fulbright, Janna Moon Behind Glass 1992 gelatin silver 10.1×10
Furtado, Ryan Cockfighter, Phillipines 2010 gelatin silver print? 13.5×20
Gentry, Joan Winsor Creek Runoff 2005 gelatin silver print 10.5×13.5
George, Amy Holmes Her Magnolia 2007 silver gelatin 6×6
Gibson, David H Water and Light, A Sequence 2010 archival pigment print 24×16
Gibson, Ralph New York, 1968 1968 gelatin silver 6.1×9
Goff, Steve Untitled (Someone's in the Garden) ~1998 ektacolor 10×10
Goldin, Nan Lynette & Donna at Marion's Restaurant, NYC 1991 cibachrome 13.5×9
Goldman, Rob Carol, New York #2 2005 inkjet print 11×14
Gordon, Richard The National Atomic Museum, Albuquerque, NM 2006/7 silver gelatin 11×14
Gremillion, Kimberly Shadow #2 95/97 silver gelatin 7.9×11.9
Gremillion, Kimberly Threshold #26   inkjet print 18×12
Gremillion, Kimberly Dance #15   Digital Pigment print 18×12
Grenon, Martha Martin "Topo" Cancun, #1 Tin Man in Austin   gelatin silver print 10×10
Haas, Ernst Homecoming Prisoner 46/94 gelatin silver 8.6×12.8
Haas, Ernst Times Square, NY 62/97 gelatin silver 12.9×8.5
Halsmann, Philippe Andy Warhol 1968 Chromogenic print 14×12
Harrison, J Darwin Wood Shed - 25 June 2004 17:09 2004 Ilfachrome print 16×24
Hatfield, Glenda Hi Ho Silver Away, #2 2005 silver gelatin w oil paint 9×9
Herron, Matt March from Selma 1965 gelatin silver 13.6×7.5
Herron, Matt Selma to Montgomery March for Voting Rights, Alabama 1965 silver gelatin 8×10
Hetherington, Tim Dinka Country, South Sudan 2000 silver gelatin 8×10
Hooper, Chip 3.5 Birds on a Rock 94/98 gelatin silver 13×10
Hooper, Chip Sundown, Huricane Point 2002 silver gelatin print 18.5×23
Hower, Bob Cooling Towers 91/96 chromogenic 11.9×9.5
Hudnall, Earlie Jr. Three Drummers 1996 gelatin silver 10.1×13
Huitt, Lola Gary's Eggs 2008 toned silver gelatin from collodion wet plate negative 10.5×8.5
Jahiel, Adam Three Horses   sepia toned silver gelatin 10×10
Johnson, Stephen Ice Fall, Bear Lake 1994 gelatin silver 8.9×11.5
Jordahl, Geir Canyonlands, Utah 1990 gelatin silver 7.1×17
Jordohl, Kate Yosemite Falls in Spring 93/95 gelatin silver 5.3×8
Katchian, Sonia Kyoto, Saihoji   ultrachrome print 5.5×7
Katchian, Sonia Phone at Gene's Loft 1970 Digital Pigment print 6×4
Keimig, Lance Tres Cruces, Terlingua 2007 lucia pigment print 10×10
Kellenberger, Max Four Fishing Poles, San Francisco, 2003 2005 sepia, selenium toned silver gel 4×6.75
Ketchum, Robert Glenn Tidal Flats & River Delta 1999 Fuji Crystal Archive 16×20
Kirby, Don Ghost Forest 1993 selenium toned silver gel 11×14
Kirby, Don Ghost Forest 1993 selenium toned silver gel 11×14
Klett, Mark Standing before the Solitario Mountains 89/94 silver gelatin 13×10.4
Kotz, Jack Legacy   Digital Pigment print 19×15
Kozal, Paul The Cypress Grove 2007/08 toned silver gelatin 8.25×5
Kozal, Paul A. Winter 95/00 gelatin silver 5×7
Kratochvil, Antonin Palm Sunday, Poland 1978 silver gelatin 8×10
Kraus, Paula Willmot Beth/Shadow Fears 1993 silver gelatin 9.9×9.9
Kruvand, Charles Pinon Pine Floating in Black, Grand Canyon 96/98 Ilfochrome 15×19
Lambert, Wayne Zenaida, Sierra Tarasca, Michoacán, Mexico 2008/09 platinum/paladium print 9.5×7.375
Langham, Robert III Snail Hand 94/97 Platinum 4.7×6.4
Laughton, Jean Dodge - Miles City, Montana   Type- C Print 16×20
Laughton, Jean Ponca City Clouds   Type- C Print 20×16
Layton, Laszlo Untitled (Saiga, Blue Oval) 2009 hand-made photographic print 9.5×7.5
Leipzig, Arthur Ideal Laundry, Brooklyn 1946 gelatin silver 10.7×10.7
Leivick, Joel Underground Quarry Workmen 1988 gelatin silver 9.9×12.5
Leshko, Isa Swing Ride at the Big E   gelatin silver print 9×9
Liepke, Peter After the Game   palladium print 5×7
Light, Ken Cotton Choppers, Sherard Plantation, Miss 1992 silver gelatin 8×10
Lopez, Martina Heirs Come to Pass, 1 1991 cibachrome 11.6×19.5
Lovett, O. Rufus Pauline 1990 gelatin silver 7×7
Lowe, Ernest Cotton Pickers, Pixley, Tulare County CA 1961 silver gelatin 11×14
Lynch, Mary Ann Blue Marilyn   Chromogenic print 9×13
Lyon, Danny Demo Driver 88/93 gelatin silver 7.5×7.5
Mallo, Luis Passengers 1995 gelatin silver 5.2×7.8
Mark, Mary Ellen Vashira & Tashira - Twins,Suffolk, NY 1993 gelatin silver 13.1×10.4
Martin, Ian Shanty Home in Kranshoek Township, South Africa 2005 silver gelatin 8×10
Martin, Scott Texas Love Bus   Digital Pigment print 12×18
Mattern, Andy Tree #12   Digital Pigment print 9×14
Menuez, Doug Heaven, Earth, Tequila #141, Tequila, Mexico 2004 silver gelatin 8×10
Meyerowitz, Joel water scene, Cape Cod?? 1992 type C color 9×11.4
Michals, Duane New York (rain) 1969 gelatin silver 9.9×6.7
Miller, Wayne Blues at the Maxwell Street Flea Market, Chicago 1946 silver gelatin 8×10
Mitchell, Blue Perched 2009 acrylic lift on birch 14×11
Modica, Andrea Treadwell, New York 1990 gelatin silver 8×10
Moore, Charles Birmingham 1963 gelatin silver 13×9.1
Morath, Inge Encounter on Times Square, New York 1957 gelatin silver 8.8×13.1
Morgan, Barbara Studio Shoot at Mirror 1938-46 vintage gelatin silver 10.5×12.25
Moser, Kat Magical Entanglements   Digital Pigment print 10×15
Neill, William Twilight Surf at Big Sur 91/00 Lightjet Crystal 7×9
Newman, Richard Dining Spot ~1998 gelatin silver 12×4.9
Noggle, Anne Myself as a Pilot 82/94 silver gelatin 10.1×7.7
O'Neal, Hank Clint Eastwood & Tony Bennett, Mission Ranch, Carmel Calif 2005   10×14
Ohringer, Frederic Labios Ardientes 1993 gelatin silver 6.6×6.6
Padilla, Darcy Untitled, Havana, Cuba 1996 Chromogenic print 11×14
Parks, Gordon Ella Watson, American Gothic, Washington, DC 1942 gelatin silver 9.7×13.2
Perry, Sean Truce 2005/06 toned silver gelatin 6×6
Pfahl, John Bethlehem #25 1988 chromogenic 10×10
Phelps, Brent W. Two Medicine Fight Site 1997 chromogenic 4.3×13.5
Priola, J. John Crystal Ball 94/95 gelatin silver 13.8×16.8
Reynolds, Richard Big Bend National Park, TX, January 2001   ultrachrome archival ink from 4×5 fujichrome 10×13
Riboud, Mark Karuizawa, Japan 58/9? gelatin silver 14×9.5
Richards, Patricia D. Barefoot with Brent 97/99 gelatin silver 8×10
Rinnhofer, Angelika Menschenkunde VII 2005 pigmented inkjet print 10×8
Robinson, Lisa Bound   Type- C Print  
Rodger, George Nuba Girl, Kordofan 1949 gelatin silver 9×12
Rosenthal, Ken A Dream Half Remembered #FB-41-1 2005 split-toned silver gel 9.5×9.5
Ross, Alan Leidig Meadow, Evening Clouds 83/98 gelatin silver 9×11.4
Salgado, Sebastiao Rwanda (Hands) 1991 gelatin silver 10.8×7
Schulke, Flip Corretta Scott King, Funeral of MLK 1968 gelatin silver 8.8×13.3
Seaman, Camille Christmas Day, December '06, Antarctica 2006/07 chromogenic print 11×14
Seikh, Fazal Narame Fausta + 1994 gelatin silver 8×10
Serrano, Andres Istanbul (Sisters) 96/00 platinum 8×9.75
Sexton, John Columbia, Aft View 99/01 gelatin silver 9.9×13.2
Sexton, John Black Oaks, Morning Mist 84/95 gelatin silver 9.8×12.8
Sherman, Cindy Untitled (cigarettes) 88/94 chromogenic 10.5×13.3
Sicurella, Tom Alex Eye 92/93 chromogenic 15×15
Simonite, Trish Herbaria Series: Twig and Blue Flowers 2004 archival pigment print  
Simonite, Trish Hidden History   Digital Pigment print 12×18
Smith, Luther Staghorn Sumac RT 11, South Carolina 1998 ultrachrome inkjet on hahnemuhle 5.25×16
Smith, Luther Pond North of Park Glen, Fort Worth, Texas 2005 Digital Pigment print 15×21
Smithson, Aline Venice, Once Remembered 2001/07 silver gelatin w sepia oil wash 10×10
Solyagua, Camille Flying Birds #15 1992 gelatin silver 3.5×6
Stackpole, Peter Golden Gate under Construction   gelatin silver 8.6×12.8
Stein, Harvey Women Wearing Ear Muffs, Coney Island   silver gelatin 9×6.5
Stringfellow, Kim Abandoned Trailer, Bombay Beach, CA 2000/07 chromogenic print 11×14
Strom, Stephen Death Valley Floor from Dante's View   Digital Pigment print 10×10
Tapper, Fannie Laughing Girl 1992 gelatin silver 10×10
Thelwell, Susan Hayre Lily     8×5.5
Thomas, Hank Willis Branded Chest 2003 platinum print 10×6.5
Thompson, Cole Death Valley Dune, #10   Digital Pigment print 8×12
Tolan, William Untitled (No. 1)   digital pigment print 22×27
Tsinhnahjinnie, Hulleah Idelia 95/97 dye-sub 7.4×9.5
Van Cleef, June T.S. Redford, Lund Ranch 82/97 silver gelatin 12×9
Vargas, Kathy Angel Denny #2 1998 gelatin Silver 9×11.9
Vignes, Michelle Columbus Day, a Day of Mourning, San Francisco 1969 silver gelatin 8×10
Vitale, Ami Kashmir 2004/07 chromogenic print 11×14
Watson, Carol Swayback Barn   archival pigment print 11×14
Weiner, Dan New Year's Eve,Times Sq 1951 gelatin silver 13.4×8.7
Weiner, Dan Martin Luther King, Jr., Montgomery, Alabama 1956 gelatin silver 10.5×13.5
Weinstein, Sandra Chen Girl at the Mosque 2010 Digital Pigment print 13×19
Weinstein, Sandra Chen Boys of Diwali   Digital Pigment print 10×15
Weston, Brett Driftwood   gelatin silver 13.5×10.4
Weston, Kim Ballet Series 4, #1 2005 silver gelatin 8×10
Whitlock, Neil Joshua 2009 Digital Pigment print 10×15
Wolcott, Marion Post Young Boy on Wagon 1934 gelatin silver 9.6×10.3
Young, Natalie Georgia & Sabine 2008 silver gelatin print 7×7
Zito, Laura Yawm Basal/Yawm Asal: One Day in Onions, Another Honey nd silver gelatin 11×14

Comer Collection of Photography
School of Arts and Humanities

UT Dallas