Chinese Language Courses

The Confucius Institute at UT Dallas offers credit and non-credit Chinese language courses for students on campus and interested learners from the community. It also customizes instructions to meet the specific needs of special groups. After one or two years of studying with us, learners can take HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) or BCT (Business Chinese Test ). Both tests are especially designed and administered by Hanban (the Office of Chinese Language Council International of the Chinese Ministry of Education) to assess non-native speakers' Chinese language skills. Those who pass different levels of tests will receive certificates issued by Hanban. Certificates holders can use them as official proof of their Chinese proficiency when they apply for jobs related to China or for study opportunities in Chinese institutions of higher education. All courses are offered on the campus of the University of Texas at Dallas and conducted by the distinguished instructors and professors from the school.

  • Beginning Chinese I:
    This is a one semester course designed for those who have no or very little knowledge of Chinese. The course teaches pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar fundamentals as essential elements in reading, writing, and understanding elementary Chinese. It also covers basic knowledge of Chinese culture and history, an indispensable part of studying the Chinese language.
  • Beginning Chinese II:
    This one semester course is a continuation of Elementary Chinese I. It will further emphasize Chinese pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar essentials, and develop skills in reading and writing Chinese characters. Students start to read some simplified texts and learn key sentence patterns of the language. More broad knowledge of Chinese culture is introduced.
  • Intermediate Chinese:
    This two semester course builds on language skills developed in Elementary Chinese I and II. It will complete and review basic grammar and key sentence patterns, and start practice in the appropriate use of idiomatic expressions. Vocabulary building, skills of reading comprehension, and extensive conversation will be involved. It will cover a broad aspect of Chinese culture and history.
  • Advanced Chinese I:
    This two semester course is designed for students who have completed Elementary Chinese I, II & Intermediate Chinese, or have equivalent Chinese language proficiency. It continues to develop their skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, help students solidify their ability to comprehend and produce paragraph-level Chinese and enable them to understand face-to-face conversations on familiar topics, give factual accounts, read materials written in formal Chinese, and write simple essays, reports, and different types of verbal communications.
  • Advanced Chinese II:
    This course is a continuation of Advanced Chinese I. It is designed to help students to continue to improve their Chinese skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and to develop their skill to read authentic texts related to the students' topics of interests. Reading will be used as an integrated skill for other skills. Students will read both literary and non-literary texts on a wide range of topics related to current events, social sciences, history, and literature. Elaborate discussions on the reading materials will be conducted regularly to develop students' skills of abstract reasoning, narration and description.
  • Business Chinese:
    This course is designed for students who have at least two years of Chinese study or equivalent language proficiency and are interested in international business and seeking an in-depth perspective on contemporary Chinese business communications. It aims to enhance students' Chinese skills in everyday business situations and to promote their understanding of the business environments and culture in contemporary China.

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