Business Chinese Test (BCT)

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Business Chinese Test is a state-level standardized test designed to assess the Chinese proficiency of non-native speakers engaged in business activities. BCT is developed by Peking University under the entrustment of Office of Chinese Language Council International ("Hanban" for short). Its English name is Business Chinese Test ("BCT" for short).

Test Structure

BCT consists of two relatively independent tests: BCT (Listening & Reading) and BCT (Speaking & Writing). Test takers may sit for one or both of them at a time.

Test Content

BCT (Listening & Reading) Test Structure

BCT (Listening & Reading)
Specific Skill Question Number Test Time
Listening 50 About 40 minutes
Reading 50 60 minutes
Total 100 100 minutes

BCT (Speaking & Writing) Test Structure

BCT (Speaking & Writing)
Specific Skill Question Number Test Time
Speaking 2 10 minutes (including the time for preparation and recording)
Writing 2 40 minutes
Total 4