HARAKIRI: To Die For Performances -Emily Loving, Slik Stockings, Val Curry and Spencer Brown

Saturday, April 28, 8:00 PM
Venue: CentralTrak
Ticket: Free
Season: 2011-12

April 28:
*Emily Loving, Slik Stockings, Val Curry and Spencer Brown*

The show entitled HARAKIRI: To Die for Performances is a collaboration between performance artists and visual artists.

Harakiri is a ceremonial disembowelment specifically performed in front of spectators. This public self-execution creates a ritual of performance in the act of death. An idea that is at the basis of all performance - every moment you step on the stage could be your last; if you do not leave your soul out there for all to witness, if you do not die with every performance, have you lived honorably?

Commencing April 21st, performances will take place each Saturday night until May 19.

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