Reframing Documentary: Creative PhD in Progress

Jan 25 - Mar 02
Venue: AS 1.1
Ticket: Free
Season: 2012-13


This exhibition includes the work of seven Creative Ph.D graduate students in Aesthetic Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas who are writing dissertations informed by documentary photographic practice: Lilly Albritton, Charley R. A. Bevill, Diane Durant, Cynthia Miller,  June Owens, Giraud Polite, and Lupita Murillo Tinnen.


They often embracing personal perspectives while connecting to concerns that involve geography and sense of place, cultural rituals and celebrations, imagined and real borders, experiences informed by race, gender and class, and concepts of identity. These artists use the camera to create records of contemporary life, records informed by their research, to add to our collective archive of shared histories.

Curated by Professor Marilyn Waligore

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