The Changing Landscape of Chinese Media and Communication,

Zhou Xian

Wednesday, April 24, 7:30 PM
Venue: Jonsson Performance Hall
Ticket: Free
Season: 2012-13

The School of Arts and Humanities and the Confucius Institute at the University of Texas at Dallas have jointly sponsored a public lecture, “The Changing Landscape of Chinese Media and Communication,” for the Confucius Institute’s Distinguished Lecture Series, to be delivered on April 24, Wednesday at 7:30pm in the Performance Hall on UT Dallas Campus. The distinguished speaker for this lecture is Dr. Zhou Xian, Distinguished Professor, Dean of the School of Art, Director of the Institute for the Advanced Studies of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Associate Vice President of Nanjing University, and a top scholar in Chinese academia. Prof. Zhou Xian specializes in literary theory, aesthetics, cultural studies, and visual culture and has published a dozen books and numerous articles in Chinese and English. His lecture will examine the current condition as well as developing trends of Chinese media and communication over the past decades, paying special attention to the mutual relationship between political communication and social development in China. By presenting the interactive process of communication between the Chinese government, the media, and the public, his lecture will cover such issues as the commercialization of the media and political communication, the degrees of freedom and transparency of information, the rise of grassroots media, and the development of media professionalism in China. It will open our eyes to the changing landscape of media and communication in present-day China.

For more information contact:
Dr. Ming Dong Gu

Patrons with disabilities who need special assistance, such as an interpreter or captioning, to attend this presentation should contact us no later than 72 hours prior to the presentation.

Directions to the Jonsson Performance Hall (JO)

From the north, take Synergy Parkway to Floyd Road, turning south to Lookout Drive. From the south, take Campbell Road to Waterview Parkway and turn north on Waterview. Turn east on Synergy Park Boulevard. Turn south on Floyd Road and head towards Lookout Drive. Prepare to stop at the four-way stop sign at the intersection of Floyd Road and Lookout Drive. Next, turn to head west on Lookout to drive onto the university campus. Prepare to make a right at the driveway. That is the entrance to Parking Lots A and B. After turning into the driveway, Parking Lot B will come first and Lot A is just beyond a dividing sidewalk. Find a green or gold spot and park. Use the safe walking path and head west toward campus. A large campus map (right) and Green Bridge appear at the end of path. Cross the Green Bridge, enter Green Hall (GR) and follow the signs to the Jonsson Performance Hall (JO 2.604). 
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