India Dance Festival

Shibani Patnaik

Saturday, September 08, 7:30 PM
Venue: University Theatre
Ticket: Prices Vary
Season: 2012-13

Presented by the Indian Classical Music Circle, the India Dance Festival features performances by experts of the Odissi and Kathak styles, Shibani Patnaik and Sunaina Rao.

Kathak, the dance style of north India, has the charm and subtlety associated with miniature paintings. Nurtured in the holy precincts of the Hindu temples, Kathak was further enhanced with Persian influence during the Mogul reign in India. Over the centuries, it has been refined and enriched by the establishment of distinct styles and gharanas. Odissi, a recognized form of Indian classical dance, comes from the eastern state of Orissa. Odissi dates back to 2nd century B.C. and is well known for its grace, fluid movements and strong footwork.

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Patrons with disabilities who need special assistance, such as an interpreter or captioning, to attend this presentation should contact us no later than 72 hours prior to the presentation.

Directions to the University Theatre (TH)

From the north, take Synergy Parkway to Floyd Road, turning south to Lookout Drive. From the south, take Campbell Road to Floyd, turning north to Lookout Drive. Prepare to stop at the four-way stop sign at the intersection of Floyd Road and Lookout Drive. Next, turn to head west on Lookout to drive onto the University campus. Prepare to make a right at the driveway. That is the entrance to Parking Lots A and B. After turning into the driveway, Parking Lot B will come first and Lot A is just beyond a dividing sidewalk. Find a spot and park. Use the safe walking path and head west toward campus. A large campus map (right) and Green Bridge appear at the end of path. Cross the Green Bridge, enter Green Hall (GR) and follow the signs to the University Theatre.
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