UT Dallas Dance Ensemble with Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth and Simple Sparrow Dance Company

Saturday, October 26, 8:00 PM
Venue: University Theatre
Ticket: $15
Season: 2013-14

Two North Texas dance companies, Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth and Simple Sparrow Dance Company, will perform alongside the UT Dallas Dance Ensemble in an evening of contemporary dance. The culmination of an eight-week long residency, both guest companies will perform original works in concert. The UT Dallas Dance Ensemble will premiere new choreography by the Artistic Directors of each guest company. Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth has a 20+ year history promoting and producing modern dance in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Artistic Director Kerry Kreiman is known for excellence in producing choreography and dance performance.  Simple Sparrow Dance Company was established in 2010 by Jessica Rosenberger. From the outset the company has been praised for its well crafted and entertaining works, recently lauded as a “Top Ten Dance Event of 2012” by the Dallas Morning News.


Contemporary Dance /Fort Worth

“Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth is Fort Worth’s first professional modern dance company. Its repertory includes works by choreographers recognized on local, regional and national levels. In addition to producing the CD/FW Co., the organization presents independent choreographers and dancers, as well as other professional modern dance companies. Through touring, CD/FW strives to bring recognition to the local arts community. In performances, educational programs and community outreach activities, CD/FW seeks to build enthusiastic audiences for the living arts, while promoting a wider appreciation and understanding of modern dance.” – from the CD/FW website.



Simple Sparrow Dance Company

“Simple Sparrow is a modern-based dance company that provides dancers in the
D/FW area an opportunity to perform and present new works. Simple Sparrow seeks to make modern dance accessible for all audiences by merging the postmodern with the athleticism and solid technique of its classically trained dancers.  Demonstrating the versatility of modern dance from organic, introspective movements to soaring leaps while constantly projecting the sheer joy of dance, we hope to create shows that will provide something for every audience member to enjoy.” – from the Simple Sparrow website.


For more information contact:
Arts and Performance Office

Patrons with disabilities who need special assistance, such as an interpreter or captioning, to attend this presentation should contact us no later than 72 hours prior to the presentation.

Directions to the University Theatre (TH)

From the north, take Synergy Parkway to Floyd Road, turning south to Lookout Drive. From the south, take Campbell Road to Floyd, turning north to Lookout Drive. Prepare to stop at the four-way stop sign at the intersection of Floyd Road and Lookout Drive. Next, turn to head west on Lookout to drive onto the University campus. Prepare to make a right at the driveway. That is the entrance to Parking Lots A and B. After turning into the driveway, Parking Lot B will come first and Lot A is just beyond a dividing sidewalk. Find a spot and park. Use the safe walking path and head west toward campus. A large campus map (right) and Green Bridge appear at the end of path. Cross the Green Bridge, enter Green Hall (GR) and follow the signs to the University Theatre.
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