A Rakugo performance in Japanese

Wednesday, December 18, 7:00 PM
Venue: Alexander Clark Center
Ticket: $10.00
Season: 2013-14

This performance is by Rakugo master Kokontei Kikushin    

This performance is in Japanese.


Rakugo is a comic storytelling art that has entertained the Japanese for over 400 years. A lone storyteller, wearing a kimono and seated on the stage, performs a comical story by assuming the roles of many characters. He relies entirely on voice, gesture, expression, and two small props - an uchiwa (fan) and tenugui (hand towel) - plus the audiences' imagination. Come out to laugh and experience Japanese culture in a rare Dallas showing.


This event is presented by the Dallas Green-kai, UT Dallas Asia Center, and Japan America Society of Dallas/Fort Worth.    


Tickets may be purchased using cash or check at the door.

For more information contact:
Monique Wedderburn

Patrons with disabilities who need special assistance, such as an interpreter or captioning, to attend this presentation should contact us no later than 72 hours prior to the presentation.