Visual Arts Building

The UT Dallas Visual Arts Building (AS) is home to the visual arts program and features a main exhibition gallery, mezzanine student gallery, black & white photography lab (AS 1.120A), color photography lab (AS 2.102), a painting and drawing studio (AS 1.118), a two-dimensional design studio (AS 1.116), three-dimensional design and sculpture studio (AS 1.110), printmaking studio, and a media-ready lecture room (AS 1.105).

Visual Art Building hours:
Monday - Friday . . . . . . . 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Closed

Main Gallery

The Main Exhibition Gallery is located in the commons area between the two primary entrances to the Visual Arts Building (AS). It is used by exhibitions sponsored by the School of Arts & Humanities, such as faculty shows, invitationals, graduate theses and creative dissertations, and student festivals. Click here for more information on scheduled exhibitions.

This space may only be scheduled by submitting a project request to the AP Office located in JO 3.901. Scheduling for each academic calendar year occurs in May, at which time all proposals are reviewed, budgets awarded, and slots assigned. All proposals should be completed and submitted no later than March 31 in order to be considered.

Painting & Drawing Studio (AS 1.118)

The combined painting & drawing studio is set up to provide studio space support for easel and flat surface work. Students may use the open studio whenever the Visual Arts Building is open and the space is not scheduled for class purposes. \

Two-Dimensional Design Studio (AS 1.116)

The two-dimensional design studio is provided for students working primarily with dry media. Any extensive use of wet media such as paint should be used in the painting and drawing studio. Green drawing board covers are to be kept clean and clear of sharp objects. Cutting operations should be limited to the wooden side work areas of the drawing tables or the stainless tables located in the room or in the prep area at the entrance to the studio.

Three-Dimensional Design & Sculpture Studio (AS 1.110)

The three-dimensional design & sculpture studio is available for use by any properly trained student currently enrolled in AP courses that requires the use of specialized power, woodworking or metalworking equipment. Student participation in sculpture or 3D classes have priority in this area as long as they are pursuing work directly related to the requirements of those classes.

Due to the potential danger associated with the use of equipment in this space, any student who plans to use this space must complete an equipment and safety seminar given by the gallery administrator prior to use. A list will be compiled and posted in the studio of all students with equipment privileges, and only those individuals will have access and be permitted usage. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

The studio will be available whenever the Visual Arts Building (AS) is open.

Users are responsible for following all specific safety instructions as posted in the studio. In addition, the wearing of appropriate safety gear is mandatory. Improper use or abuse of any piece of equipment as determined by any AP Faculty member may lead to the suspension of use of privileges.

Users may store works-in-progress and supplies only in areas specified by AP faculty members assigned to monitor this studio.

Clean-up of the studio is the responsibility of all users. Projects must be properly stored, work areas cleared, and equipment and tools secured; the studio must be left in a condition that is as good as or better than when it was entered.

Printmaking Studio

This studio is available for use by any student currently enrolled in any AP course; however, priority will be given to those actively participating in a UT Dallas printmaking class provided they are pursuing work that is required by the printmaking class. Users may insure availability of equipment by scheduling work times on the appropriate sign up sheets located on the entrance door.

All students who wish to use this studio must obtain permission directly from the AP faculty member assigned to oversee this space. Students not enrolled in printmaking classes must provide their own materials and supplies (paper, ink, solvents, etc).

Due to the highly flammable and potentially toxic nature of many of the chemicals used in many printmaking processes, all students who use this studio must be trained and tested in the proper handling, use and disposal of related chemistry. First aid procedures and equipment must also be reviewed prior to use of the studio. Only individuals who satisfy these training requirements (as outlined by the AP faculty member assigned to monitor this space) may use the space. No exceptions will be made.

This studio is small and must be maintained in good order to accommodate everyone who wishes to use it. Work and supplies must be stored according to posted instructions. Prints and other work that must remain on the drying wall or racks should be removed in a timely fashion or it will be disposed of without notice. Students should follow the clean-up checklist posted by the sink to assure that everything has been done. Anyone reported as negligent in clean-up responsibilities may have studio privileges revoked. Please leave the space as clean or cleaner than when you arrived.