Annual Texas Guitar Competition and Festival

March 3 – March 5, 2016
UT Dallas Alexander Clark Center

This unique Texas competition, designed to showcase outstanding classical guitar students, will award approximately $8,000 in cash prizes to the winners. Over the three-day event, students can compete and attend master classes and concerts by internationally recognized guitarists. We have a youth competition for ages 11-18 as well as the main competition for college-level students.

International Concert Guitarist Competition:

  • First Place $3000
  • Second Place $2000
  • Third Place $1000
  • Fourth Place $500
plus merchandise from D'Addario and SAVAREZ.

Per US IRS regulations, prizes awarded to non-US citizens may be subject to tax withholding, dependent upon current tax treaty between the US and the winner's country of citizenship. US citizens who are awarded prizes will not have tax withheld, and will receive an IRS Form 1099 from UT Dallas at the end of the year if the total of earnings from UT Dallas are $600 or more.

Three special prizes for the International Concert Guitarist Competition have been approved in honor of our 15th Anniversary. These shall be known as the Dean's Awards.

Dean's Award:

  • Semi Final Round: $250 For best performance of the John Duarte selection
  • Final Round: $250 for the best performance of the Fandango by Joaquin Rodrigo
  • Final Round: $300 via audience vote for the best finalist

Youth Competition (both divisions have prizes):

  • First Place $300
  • Second Place $200
  • Third Place $100
plus merchandise from D'Addario and SAVAREZ.


International Concert Guitarist Competition Guidelines

Youth Competition Guidelines


15th Annual Guitar Competition Schedule of events

Thursday, March 3 Semi-finals (Not open to the general public)

Friday, March 4 Finals

Competition Finals 8:00 p.m.  Clark Center

Saturday, March 5 Youth Competition and Concerts

Youth Competition (both levels)* 9:00 a.m. AH1 1.106 and 1.104
Jérémy Jouve Concert 4:00 p.m Clark Center
Romero Guitar Quartet Concert  8:00 p.m.  Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology Building

*open only to parents and teachers of competitors.

This years guest artists will be Jérémy Jouve and the Romero Guitar Quartet.

Jérémy Jouve – 4 p.m., Free
Parisian musician Jérémy Jouvé performs. His most recent album, “Cavalcade,” blends elements of flamenco, Indian music and Ravelian accents to his existing repertoire.

Romero Guitar Quartet – 8 p.m., $25
Founded by renowned guitarist and composer Celedonio Romero and his sons Celin, Pepe and Angel, the Romero Guitar Quartet is often referred to as “The Royal Family of the Guitar.” The quartet has played with many major symphony orchestras including those of Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia. They have performed at Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Center and appeared at the Vatican in a concert for Pope John Paul II. The group’s current members are Celin, Pepe, Celino and Lito Romero.



Sponsored by:

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Competition Directors:
Enric Madriguera, Director
Eddie Healy, Assistant Director and Youth Competition Coordinator

Guitar Advisory Board
Dennis Kratz, Dean, UT Dallas School of Arts & Humanities
Enric Madriguera, Artistic Director, Head, Guitar Program at UT Dallas
Russell Cleveland, Chairman
Stan Ballard
David Butler
Camille Fu
Frank Kimlicko
Kenneth Lamb
Harry McClintock
Bryan Milner
Todd Sandler
Brett Webb