Annual Texas Guitar Competition and Festival

International Concert Guitarist Competition Guidelines:

Application Deadline:
January 6, 2014 (for international students living outside the US)

January 20, 2014 (for applicants in the US)

Applications are no longer being accepted for this competition

If you are a U.S. Citizen, please bring your Social Security card.
If you are NOT a U.S. Citizen, please bring your passport and Visa.

You must be present Saturday night at the award presentation in order to receive the merchandise prizes. If you are not present, only the check for the award amount will be mailed to you.

Preliminary Round - Thursday in AH1:

Invited players will play the recorded works submitted with their application (link) in the first round of the competition.

Final Round - Friday evening in the Clark Center:

The top FOUR final competitors will play a program of 25 minutes in length. All competitors will be required to play the set piece "Allegro Non Troppo"- the first movement of the "Sonatina Meridional" by Manuel M. Ponce, Pub by Schott.The rest of the program will consist of free selections from two (2) or more of the following style periods. Pieces should not duplicate the preliminary round, but performers may use unplayed movements from works included in the preliminary round. The order of the final program is at the discretion of the performer.


Applicants selected for the preliminary round of the competition will be asked to submit their 25-minute final program on the day of the final competition in advance. The judges will determine if the program does not meet the requirements of the final round and request a change of program if it is determined that the program does not cover at least two distinct periods.

Contestants who wish to have a pre-determination of their final program may email it to Dr. Enric Madriguera.

Performers will be judged on the following:

    Performance Characteristics