Curchack, Fred


Office:  JO 4.906

Areas of Specialization:  Performance (acting, directing, writing, voice, movement, music, design, masks, puppetry, shadow/art, video).

Education: MA, Queens College, City Univ. of New York, 1972

Fred Curchack has written, directed, designed, and performed seventy-eight original theatre pieces, (fifty ensemble works and twenty-six solos). His performances have been featured at scores of international theatre festivals. He has received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, Creative Capital, the Jim Henson Foundation, Arts International, and he is a Guggenheim Fellow.

Curchack teaches acting, directing, writing, dramatic literature, Shakespeare, Asian Theatre, design, video, music, mask work, puppetry, voice, movement, art and performance, and solo performance. He creates plays and original ensemble performances with students.

In addition to western theatre, Curchack has studied world theatre techniques, such as Indian Kathakali, Japanese Noh, Balinese Topeng, African and Native American dance and ritual, choreography with Alvyn Nikolais, and he trained with Grotowski and the Polish Theatre Lab.

Works include: Burying Our Father: A Biblical Debacle; Grandpa’s Home Videos; Synthesis: An Idiot’s Guide to Death and Rebirth; Milarepa; Monkey: The Quest to the West; Noh: Angels, Demons & Dreamers; An American Dream Play; Golden Buddha Beach; Gauguin's Shadow; Gauguin's Paradise; Dionysos Does Dallas; Glimpsings; Lear's Shadow; Live Love Acts; Hamlet: Carnal, Bloody, & Unnatural Acts; A Surprise Party; Orpheus in Hollywood: a Myth Mash; The Comeback of Freddy Chickan; Abel & Cain: a Biblical Debacle; Heddy & Teddy: a Closet Drama; Art-O-Rama #3: The New World/The New Wing; What Fools These Mortals Be; Stuff as Dreams are Made On; The Sexual Mythology Trilogy--Part I: The Underworld; Part II: Purgatory; Part III: Heaven-or-The Big Talk Show; Fred Breaks Bread with the Dead.