Gu, Ming Dong

Director, Confucius Institute and Professor

Office:  JO 4.130

Areas of Specialization:  Chinese literature, comparative poetics, Chinese intellectual thought, fiction theory, hermeneutics, psychoanalytic and semiotic approaches to literature, and cross-cultural studies

Education: PhD, University of Chicago

Ming Dong Gu is professor of Chinese and comparative literature and a special consultant to Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism, responsible for choosing the first Chinese theorist for the new edition and writing an introduction. He has authored, edited and translated 10 books, and published over 70 journal articles and book chapters. His authored books include:

  1. Sinologism: An Alternative to Orientalism and Postcolonialism (Routledge, 2012);
  2. The Anxiety of Originality: Multiple Approaches to Language, Literature, and Cultural Studies (in Chinese, Nanjing University Press 2009);
  3.  Chinese Theories of Fiction: A Non-Western Narrative System (SUNY Press 2006);
  4. Chinese Theories of Reading and Writing: A Route to Hermeneutics and Open Poetics (SUNY Press 2005).


His English articles have appeared in New Literary History, Poetics Today, Diacritics, Narrative, Modern Language Quarterly, Psychoanalytic Quarterly, Journal of Aesthetic Education, Philosophy East & West (three articles), Journal of Chinese Philosophy (four articles), Comparative Literature, Comparative Literature Studies, Canadian Review of Comparative Literature (two articles), Yearbook of Comparative Literature, Literature and Psychology, D. H. Lawrence Review (two articles), Journal of Oriental Studies, Journal of Asian Studies, Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews, Monumenta Serica, Tamkang Review (two articles), and Translation Review.

His Chinese articles were published in (Literary Review) (two articles), (Literature and Art Studies) (two articles), (Theoretical Studies of Literature and Art) (two articles),(Journal of Peking University) (two articles),(Journal of Nanjing University) (two articles),(Journal of Tsinghua University), (Journal of Dr. Sun Yat-sen University) (three articles), (Academic Monthly), (Jiangsu Social Sciences), (Social Science Front), (Hundred Schools of Art) (two articles), (Chinese Comparative Literature), (Cross-Cultural Dialogues), (Foreign Literature), (Contemporary Foreign Literature), (Foreign Language Teaching and Research), (Foreign Languages) (two articles), (Modern Foreign Languages), and other Chinese journals.