Muslu, Cihan Yuksel

Assistant Professor

Office:  JO 5.110

Cihan Yuksel Muslu came to UT Dallas in August 2008. She teaches courses on Islamic History, Cultural and Social History of Medieval and Early-Modern Islamic Civilization, Islamic Empires (particularly on the Ottoman Empire), Crusades, and Mediterranean History.

Her research concerns primarily the cultural and diplomatic exchanges between the Ottomans and the Mamluks, which were the two leading Sunni Muslim empires of early modern era. Muslu spent the 2009-2010 academic year on a fellowship at KoƧ University's Research Center for Anatolian Civilization Studies (RCAC) in Istanbul, Turkey, researching and revising her manuscript and gathering information for future writings. That manuscript, "Ottoman Mamluk Relations: Behind the Scenes of Warfare," is being shopped to editors at university presses across the country.

Muslu also has a new paper coming out in 2011, "Conquete de l'Egypte (1517): Arriere-plan, impact, echos" ("Conquest of Egypt (1517): Background, impact, echoes"), which will be published in France but printed in French and English.