Redman, Tim


Office:  JO 5.414

Areas of Specialization:   American and British modernism, American Literature, medieval and renaissance Italian literature (Dante through Petrarch), ecopoetics, biography and autobiography.

Education: PhD, Comparative Studies in Literature, University of Chicago, l987

Dr. Tim Redman's principal research field is American and British Modernism. Since 2002 he has served on the Editorial Board of Paideuma, a journal devoted to scholarship on British and American Modernist poets. Professor Redman is a biographer currently at work on a cultural biography of the American poet Ezra Pound; most of his work is archival.

Since 1989 Dr. Redman has been working in a field he called ecopoetics. His focus there is on a study of literature from the dual perspectives of economics and ecology. One product of that work has been a renewed interest in American literature from its colonial origins through the Civil War.

Dr. Redman has a more than forty-year background in theater that includes coursework in directing and acting and practical stage experience as actor, director, and dramaturg, and has directed a full-length feature film. That experience contributes to his teaching of dramatic literature. He also has more than a forty-year background in chess, as a player, a coach, a tournament director, and twice as President of the United States Chess Federation. Dr. Redman founded and for ten years served as Director of the Chess Program at UT Dallas, which has gained national recognition. He is currently pursuing research in the field of chess and education. He edited one of the few rigorous research books in the field, Chess and Education: Selected Essays from the Koltanowski Conference. Dr. Redman has been a member of PEN since 1993. He currently serves as President of PEN Texas, a chapter of PEN USA, the third-largest of the 141 PEN Centers in the world. He is also a Member of the Board of Directors of PEN USA. Dr. Redman has been active in PEN's Freedom to Write Committee and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from PEN Texas.