Shelley Lane

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
School of Arts and Humanities

Office: JO 4.510E
Phone: 972-883-2931
Email: [email protected]

Areas of Interest:
Communication education; interpersonal communication; intercultural communication; speech and language

PhD Communication Arts and Sciences, University of Southern California
MA Communication Arts and Sciences, University of Southern California
BA Communication Studies, University of California Los Angeles

Professional Accomplishments:

Shelley D. Lane is the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor of Communication Studies in the School of Arts and Humanities. She is responsible for the administration of the undergraduate program, including oversight of both lower- and upper-division instructional units. Dr. Lane represents the School of Arts and Humanities as a member of the UT Dallas Council on Undergraduate Education, Core Curriculum Committee, and University Scholarship Committee. She plans the undergraduate schedule of classes for each semester and reviews student course evaluations of their professors. Dr. Lane arranges classroom observations of and evaluates Senior Lecturers, meets with job candidates, and is involved in hiring part-time faculty. Dr. Lane is also in charge of writing and processing Course Catalog revisions and special reports. She maintains the Arts and Humanities course inventory and writes SACSCOC program assessments and the SACSCOC advising assessment.

In addition to working with faculty in the School of Arts and Humanities, Dr. Lane supervises the undergraduate advisors and meets with students. She helps coordinate advising projects, chairs advisor meetings, and completes advisor performance evaluations. Dr. Lane’s favorite part of the job involves working with undergraduates. She meets with students who request re-admission to the School and with students who apply to the Fast-Track, Honors, and Study Abroad programs. Dr. Lane evaluates individual student requests for core transfer credit, helps students resolve academic problems, and approves change of grade forms and petitions for Independent Study. She represents and School of Arts and Humanities at graduation ceremonies and recognizes outstanding Arts and Humanities students during the annual Honors Convocation. Dr. Lane particularly likes meeting new and potential UT Dallas students and making presentations at Freshman and Family orientations and during Scholars' Day.

Dr. Lane enjoys creating new programs and classes for the School of Arts and Humanities. She is currently creating a "Global Communication and Leadership" minor and is working with faculty involved in the Emerging Media and Communication (EMAC) major. She represents the School when, in conjunction with the Office of International Students, she presents programs and leads workshops about culture shock, U.S. American culture and intercultural communication.

Dr. Lane appreciates the energy in the School of Arts and Humanities and the creative students, staff and faculty with whom she works.