Faculty in Communications

Last, First Email Office Phone Title
Arnold, Bob bxa161430@utdallas.edu Lecturer 1
Baker, Barbara barbara.baker@utdallas.edu JO 5.207 972-883-5103 Senior Lecturer
Baynham, Karen karen.baynham@utdallas.edu JO 4.602B 972-883-2978 Senior Lecturer and Basic Course Director
Carlson, Eric ericb.carlson@utdallas.edu JO 4.692B 972-883-6731 Senior Lecturer II, Communication
Basic Course Director, Online and Honors Sections
Coppersmith, Syd Syd.Coppersmith@utdallas.edu JO 5.708 972-883-1658 Lecturer 1
Crowder, Wade wade.crowder@utdallas.edu JO 5.109 972-883-6787 Lecturer 1
Dickson, Deborah dwd150030@utdallas.edu JO 3.534 Lecturer 1
Glauser, Janece janece.glauser@utdallas.edu JO 3.506 Senior Lecturer
Gooch, John john.gooch@utdallas.edu JO 4.510 972-883-2756 Associate Dean of Graduate Studies & Associate Professor of Literary Studies
Greene, Amy Amy.Greene@utdallas.edu JO 4.602 Lecturer 1
Gregory, Mona myg140030@utdallas.edu JO 4.602 Lecturer 1
Hanson, Jocyln Jocyln.Hanson@utdallas.edu JO 4.602 Lecturer 1
Hernandez-Katz, Melissa mhkatz@utdallas.edu JO 3.544 972-883-6672 Senior Lecturer
Honea, Emily Emily.Honea@utdallas.edu JO 4.602 Lecturer 1
Johnson, Emily Emily.Johnson5@utdallas.edu JO 5.109 Lecturer 1
Lambert, Carie carie.lambert@utdallas.edu JO 3.548 972-883-2790 Clinical Professor
Lane, Shelley Shelley.Lane@utdallas.edu JO 4.510E 972-883-2931 Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Libby, Lee llibby@utdallas.edu JO 5.109 Lecturer 1
Lingo, Kathy klingo@utdallas.edu JO 3.514 972-883-4152 Queen of Improv, Senior Lecturer, Club Improv Sponsor
Saenz, Michael mas130030@utdallas.edu JO 4.602 Lecturer 1
Schlobohm, Maribeth maribeth.schlobohm@utdallas.edu JO 3.546 972-883-2175 Clinical Associate Professor
Smith, James James.Smith5@utdallas.edu JO 4.602 Lecturer 1
Stewart, Derek Derek.Stewart@utdallas.edu JO 4.602 Lecturer 1
Tanner, Lari Lari.Tanner@utdallas.edu JO 3.534 Lecturer 1
Templeton, Allison allison.templeton@utdallas.edu JO 5.110 972-883-6053 Senior Lecturer
Totusek, Patricia pft140030@utdallas.edu JO 4.602 972-883-N/A Lecturer 1
Williams, Alecia Alecia.Williams@utdallas.edu JO 4.602 Lecturer 1

The majority of the faculty can be reached by mail at:

(Faculty member's name)
School of Arts and Humanities, JO 31
University of Texas at Dallas
800 W. Campbell Rd.
Richardson, TX 75080-3021

However, you should click the faculty member's name above to view their bio, and make sure their mail station is stated as JO 31, just to be sure.