Arts and Humanities

Students in the School of Arts and Humanities are encouraged to explore the boundaries and the interrelationships of the major fields of study within the school. Consistent with this focus on the integration of the arts and humanities and a commitment to interdisciplinary education, the school has no conventional departments. Rather, its curriculum is designed to allow study that crosses and transforms traditional disciplinary lines.

For the student who wishes to explore a variety of areas within history, literature, and the arts, the School offers a generalized major in Arts and Humanities. Students who complete the major in Arts and Humanities complete a course of study that emphasizes the relationships among the liberal disciplines which comprise literary and historical studies and the visual and performing arts. Students with a degree in Arts and Humanities are not only prepared to enter the professional world with a well-rounded and broad-based education, they also are properly equipped to follow their educational ambitions into post-graduate education in any of a variety of graduate and professional schools.

The Arts and Humanities degree plan allows students to design a course of study that includes studio and/or ensemble courses, and courses in art history, literature and history. Students may round out their degree plan by choosing the remaining elective courses from Arts and Technology or Emerging Media and Communications, or choose to do more advanced study in the arts, history or literature.

Since the catalog course descriptions are very general, students are urged to consult the detailed course descriptions on the Arts and Humanities website at