Ensembles and Auditions

Two guitar playersThe School of Arts and Humanities has several performing ensembles. More specific information about performances during the semester can be found under the individual course descriptions.

All upper level (3000 and 4000 level) music ensembles require an audition. Students may audition at any time, but most auditions happen during the regular registration periods for continuing students; or during summer orientations for entering freshman/transfer students. Please contact the professors listed below for specific audition information.

Note: All course listings below are not necessarily available every semester. Available courses and audition contact information are also listed on the A&H Course Descriptions page and in Course Lookup.


UT Dallas University Choir

MUSI 2127

A new-for-2017 musical organization that performs in the Fall and Spring. No audition required.

Director: Jonathan Palant


Vocal Instruction II

MUSI 3382

An intermediate level course for students with some prior vocal instruction. Permission required.

Director: Kathryn Evans


Chamber Singers

MUSI 3385/4385

A performing ensemble of 20-24 singers. The repertoire for the ensemble is selected from a broad range of chamber vocal literature, including both sacred and secular music spanning the Renaissance to the contemporary periods of music history and modern jazz arrangements. Audition required.

Director: Kathryn Evans


Music Performance III/Advanced Vocal Instruction

MUSI 4345

A one-on-one course with the instructor, this course is intended for students at the advanced level. Audition required.

Director: Kathryn Evans


Vocal Ensemble

MUSI 4347

Vocal Ensemble III is for advanced vocal ensembles, often in a musical or opera, or advanced chamber singers, jazz singers or other ensembles. Audition required.

Director: Kathryn Evans


Instrumental and Vocal

Advanced Orchestra/Chamber Music Ensemble

MUSI 3312/4312/4V71 and HUAS 6333

Provides performance opportunities for advanced players (all instruments) and solo singers. Repertoire will range from duos and trios to larger ensembles and orchestral works in all musical styles. Students perform music written for small and larger ensembles, plus multi-media and theater works, of all periods. Audition required.

Director: Call Robert X. Rodríguez, 972-883-2766 or 972-238-8703



Guitar Ensemble

MUSI 2316/3316/3380/4316

This ensemble class is in fact a small chamber orchestra for guitar. Players and parts are organized commensurate with the ability level displayed by the student at the start of the semester. A nylon string guitar is recommended for this class. UT Dallas has guitars for loan/lease. Guitar Ensemble II is a class which builds upon skills learned in the prerequisite Guitar I class. Students who have not taken Guitar I at UT Dallas may audition for Guitar II. Audition required.

Director: Enric Madriguera


Radiant Guitar Ensemble

The Radiant ensemble is a non-credit, community-based ensemble. Ensemble music comes from various sources including traditional folk, classical, and popular repertory. Auditioning or obtaining permission from your instructor is required to take this class. In order to qualify, you must have the ability to read music and be able to provide your own nylon string guitar. Audition required.

Director: Enric Madriguera



Pep Band

MUSI 2113

The Pep Band is a "rally" band or "pit" band that provides opportunities for woodwind, brass and percussion players to perform at UT Dallas sports events and other campus/community activities. The repertoire will be drawn mainly from the popular repertoire. @UTD_PepBand on Twitter

Director: Lori Gerard


Jazz Ensemble

MUSI 2326/3386/4386

A 20-25 person jazz band, open to all students. Audition required.

Director: Kelly Durbin


String Orchestra

MUSI 3118/4118

Comprises the usual string instruments (violin, viola, cello and bass) performing in all musical styles. Audition required.

Additional audition information.

Director: Linda Salisbury and Adron Ming

String Orchestra

Wind Ensemble

MUSI 3120/4120

Comprises the usual compliment of instruments found in a concert band, such as flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, horn, trombone, saxophone, and percussionists trained in rudiments or mallets (not drum set). The music performed will be from both the popular and classic repertoire. Audition required.

Additional audition information.

Director: Linda Salisbury and Gregory Hustis

String Orchestra

University Orchestra

The University Orchestra is a combination of select members of the Wind Ensemble and String Orchestra. It is a classical music ensemble for students who have previous experience in an orchestral instrument. Performs music by composers of various stylistic periods from the Baroque Period to the 20th Century. Audition required.

Additional audition information.

Director: Gregory Hustis

University Orchestra

Brass Ensemble


Will play brass repertoire in small groups performing in a variety of genres.

Director: Linda Salisbury


Chamber Music


Comprises chamber groups performing in various genres an styles. The focus is primarily on woodwind chamber groups, however, all instruments are welcome.

Director: Winston Stone


Percussion Ensemble


Includes all percussion instruments performing primarily 20th and 21st-Century literature.

Director: Lori Gerard