Faculty in Music

Last, First Email Office Phone Title
Brookins, Derrick Derrick.Brookins@utdallas.edu JO 3.534 972-883-2170 Lecturer 1
Durbin, Kelly kpdurbin@utdallas.edu JO 4.630 972-883-2723 Senior Lecturer
Evans, Kathryn kcevans@utdallas.edu JO 4.902 972-883-2828 Senior Lecturer
Gerard, Lori lori.gerard@utdallas.edu JO 3.927 972-883-6007 Lecturer 1
Healy, John eddie.healy@utdallas.edu 972-883-EddieHealy Lecturer 1
Higgins, Jim L. jlh151030@utdallas.edu JO 3.534 Lecturer 1
Hodan, Daniel dmh017000@utdallas.edu JO 1.206 Lecturer 1
Hughes, Will K. William.Hughes1@utdallas.edu JO 3.534 Lecturer 1
Madriguera, Enric enric.madriguera@utdallas.edu JO 4.912 972-883-2786 Professor
McVay, Michael mjm031000@utdallas.edu JO 1.206 972-883-2764 Clinical Assistant Professor
Medrick, Mary mary.medrick@utdallas.edu JO 1.208 972-883-2754 Senior Lecturer
Rodriguez, Robert RobertXavierRodriguez@tx.rr.com JO 4.640 972-883-2766 Professor
Salisbury, Linda linda.salisbury@utdallas.edu AH1 1.102A 972-883-2318 Assistant Wind Ensemble Director, Senior Lecturer
Stone, Winston winston.stone@utdallas.edu JO 4.628 972-883-6398 Clinical Associate Professor
Watson, Charles cmx073000@utdallas.edu JO 1.206 Lecturer 1

The majority of the faculty can be reached by mail at:

(Faculty member's name)
School of Arts and Humanities, JO 31
University of Texas at Dallas
800 W. Campbell Rd.
Richardson, TX 75080-3021

However, you should click the faculty member's name above to view their bio, and make sure their mail station is stated as JO 31, just to be sure.