MAT in Humanities

The MAT Program is being suspended. No new students will be accepted effective with the Spring 2012 semester. Current students must complete the degree by August 2014.

Degrees offered:

  • Master of Arts in Teaching in Humanities Major in Aesthetic Studies
  • Master of Arts in Teaching in Humanities Major in History of Ideas
  • Master of Arts in Teaching in Humanities Major in Studies in Literature

The program leading to the Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Arts and Humanities is specifically designed for practicing secondary school teachers who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in their particular humanistic field.

MAT in Humanities Degree Plan

The program is designed to provide teachers who are particularly interested in Literature and History to design their degree program so that their work in these areas can be focused and set in an interdisciplinary context. Each student plans an individual program of studies in consultation with an assigned advisor.

Students pursuing the MAT in Humanities must complete a total of thirty-six semester hours of course work, normally all in courses at the 5000- or 6000-level. All students are required to take the two required courses, Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Arts and Humanities (HUMA 6300) and Interdisciplinary Teaching of the Arts and Humanities (HUED 5300), within the first year of enrollment.

Most courses are offered within the three main areas of concentration: Aesthetic Studies (HUAS) which concentrates on the visual and performing arts, creative writing, art history and film studies; History of Ideas (HUHI) which concentrates on history and philosophy; and Studies in Literature (HUSL) which concentrates on literature, language, and rhetoric. Some courses concerned specifically with pedagogy and the school classroom are offered under the rubric Humanities Education (HUED).

Students pursuing the MAT in Humanities must also successfully complete and defend a casebook. The casebook consists of two parts, a critical essay on an interdisciplinary topic as well as a curriculum plan that adopts that topic to the candidate's teaching level in 20 to 30 lesson plans.

For more information on the MAT Casebook

For more information on the MAT Casebook Procedure

Normally, students applying for admission to the MAT program should have a teaching certificate. Students may be teaching full-time while they are pursuing the degree. The MAT is a terminal degree.

To be a full-time student, nine hours of courses per semester is required; three hours of courses per semester is required to be enrolled in the program.

To have courses taken outside the School of Arts and Humanities applied to one of its degrees, students must seek prior approval from the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies. They may also petition to have appropriate transfer courses applied to their degree plan.