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UT Dallas Announces:
Reunion: The Dallas Review

For over two decades, Reunion: The Dallas Review has been dedicated to finding and publishing exceptional examples of short fiction, drama, visual art, poetry, translation work, non-fiction, and interviews. You may remember Reunion by its former name, Sojourn. We have a new look and a new name, but our mission remains cultivating the arts community in Dallas, Texas, and promoting the work of talented writers and artists both locally and across the globe.

Anyone may submit to Reunion, whether you are just starting out and have no publishing credits to your name or are a seasoned artist who has been published multiple times. We encourage you to read our submission guidelines and look over our past issues for an idea of what we generally publish.

The School of Arts & Humanities, the home of Creative Writing at the University of Texas at Dallas, is not your conventional university department; we are a forward-thinking, interdisciplinary unit that offers degrees that cross the normal boundaries between art and science, language and literature, technology and philosophy.

Reunion Vol.2

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This revolutionary model of a liberal arts education creates unique opportunities for creative writers of all levels and interests. All in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area, an urban, vibrant, growing, and active arts community, the heart of the arts in the Southwest.

In short, we offer graduate and undergraduate degrees, programs, and opportunities for writers and artists that no one else can.

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