Sojourn cover art, volume 22, 2010Reunion Best of UTD

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Table of Contents

LeeAnn Derdeyn Helen of Troy in a Dallas Bar
LeeAnn Olivier Villanelle for Glispa
Hurricane Camille, 1969
Frank Garrett Adoration
Lauren Dixon The Life of a Scar
coney island
Solana DeLámant When You Go Away
Charles Arnett A Walk with Charles Olson
Chelsey Storey Vestigial Gestures
Condensation of Season
Donovan Hufnagle Doppelganger
Heroic Code
S.B. del Llano India Through Glass
Catherine Dean Altar of Secrets
Kristin S. vanNamen Personal Assistant Needed
Performance Art, Dance
Danielle Marie Georgiou "Come on, Come, Green Light" A Modern Dance Interpretation of the "New Woman"
Performance Art
Willie Baronet We Are All Homeless
Visual Art
Willie Baronet Ed Has Magic Hands
T.J. Griffin Watching Over
Catching Freedom
Gabriel Dawe Don't Ask Don't Tell No. 1
Don't Ask Don't Tell No. 2
Jill Hoes Foltz Howl
Andy Amoato Anxious
Leah Foster Trapped
Phonesury Lily Ounekeo Like Fish in the Dust
L.D. Burnett All That Has Breath
Marilyn Crouse Bland A Child (from Afrikaans)
George Henson The Hardware Store (from Spanish)
Drama, Stage Play
Cristian Panaite Children Don't Cry
Drama, Screenplay
Diane Durant McGurren Shooting for Garry
Scholarly Essay
Abdal Malik Hamidullah Rezeski To Translate Silence: An Interrogation of No Man's Land
Undergraduate Poetry
Jason Parry Jack Kerouac Ruined My Life
Caitlin Beauchamp Taking out the Trash
Jackie Smith Reasons Why I Absolutely, Positively Could Not Writing an Alphabet Poem
Undergraduate Fiction
Kassandra Bursch Homeless Hope
Caitlin Walsch The Pearly Gates
Julie Kangas The Laying On of Hands

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