The Bryce and Jonelle Jordan Scholarship Fund
For Students in the Creative and Performing Arts

The Bryce and Jonelle Jordan Scholarship Fund was established in 1981 to support undergraduate music students at the University of Texas at Dallas. Bryce Jordan, flutist and musicologist, was the first President of UT Dallas. It has since been extended, with Dr. Jordan's approval, to provide financial support for undergraduate students in any of the creative and performing arts. The School of Arts and Humanities awards these scholarships in the Art and Performance area, which includes music, theatre, dance, creative writing and the visual arts.

Scholarships are awarded from $500 to $1,000 per long semester to students who are or will be full-time students. Preference is given to students who major within the School of Arts and Humanities but may also be awarded to students who minor in the arts. Scholarships are awarded over the two long semesters (Fall and Spring), half payable in each semester. Scholarship recipients must enroll in at least one course in the Art and Performance area (usually an upper level performing ensemble or studio course, or an upper level creative writing course) during each semester. For more information about courses in the arts, visit the course descriptions page.

Students who are currently receiving an academic scholarship that covers full tuition and fees are not eligible. These scholarships include, but are not limited to, Academic Distinction Scholarships, Academic Honors Scholarships, Academic Excellence Scholarships for National Merit Scholars and the McDermott Scholars Program.

Non-Texas residents who receive an award at the $1,000 level are considered in-state residents for tuition and fee purposes. Renewals are not automatic, but students may reapply for subsequent scholarships for a total scholarship period of up to four years.

New and transfer students must have been accepted by the University of Texas at Dallas prior to applying for a Bryce Jordan Scholarship. Continuing students must be in good academic standing and must enroll full-time during the scholarship period.

Applications are not currently being accepted.

Questions or concerns may be addressed to:

Michele Hanlon
Assistant Dean
Clinical Associate Professor
School of Arts and Humanities

2015-2016 Bryce and Jonelle Jordan Scholarship Recipients

ATEC/Visual Arts:
Taurian Witt
Jessica Bowers
Anna Galluzzi

Creative Writing:
Virginia Beam
Nina Cook
Emilio Lozano
Mimi Newman

Chelsea Guidry


2014-2015 Bryce and Jonelle Jordan Scholarship Recipients

Michaela Banks
Caroline Curley
Hamid Shah
Kien Tran Hoang

Creative Writing:
Charles Glenn
Nina Cook

Naomi D'Amato
Michael Nelson
Andrea Tran

Hunter Kershen

Visual Arts:
Anna Galluzzi
Marcela Reyes
Taurian Witt


2013-2014 Bryce and Jonelle Jordan Scholarship Recipients

Nicholas Benke
Troi Cluse
Caroline Curely
Amanda Huff

Alaina Hughes
Ashley Merritt

Joseph Lim

Vinchenzo Locascio

Visual Arts
Lance Eden
Luke Harnden

2012-2013 Bryce and Jonelle Jordan Scholarship Recipients

Visual Arts
Narongsukchai Tintamusik
Luke Harnden
Pierre Krause
Dana Lieja
Katherine Crowell

William Vulcan
Eli Alderink
Sarah Martinez

Creative Writing
Robert Howell

Caroline Curley
Devin Ewing

2011-2012 Bryce and Jonelle Jordan Scholarship Recipients

Eli Aalderink
Octaviano Bazan
Megan Bishop
Samantha Bratton
Beatriz Cartagena
Troi Cluse
Alyssa Lee
Susan Oh
Richard Green

Bryce Jordan was the founding President of the University of Texas at Dallas, serving with distinction from 1971-81. He later served as President of Penn State University. He received his doctorate in music from the University of Texas at Austin, where he was Professor of Music and chairman of the department.

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