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Best of UTD Released

Sojourn 2010 Volume 22 - Best of Edition

You are holding in your hands the first-ever "Best of UTD" special issue of Reunion: A Journal of the Arts. This edition represents a taste of the best our university has to offer, with selections from graduate and undergraduate writers, artists, and scholars. We believe this issue highlights not only the incredible talent we have here at the University of Texas at Dallas but also represents a new beginning for Reunion and Creative Writing at UTD.

The School of Arts & Humanities, the home of Creative Writing at the University of Texas at Dallas, is not your regular conventional university department; we are a forward-thinking, interdisciplinary unit that offers degrees that cross the normal boundaries between art and science, language and literature, technology and philosophy. This revolutionary model of a liberal arts education creates unique opportunities for creative writers of all levels and interests. All in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area, an urban, vibrant, growing, and active arts community, the heart of the arts in the Southwest.

In short, we offer graduate and undergraduate degrees, programs, and opportunities for writers and artists that no one else can.

Check us out and see for yourself:

The work in this issue was selected by an executive committee made up of our Creative Writing Faculty, assisted by the Reunion editorial staff.

The evolution of Reunion will continue in 2010 with a new look and a new name—watch for it—and we hope you enjoy this special issue.

– Creative Writing at UTD

Volume 21

Note: A few copies of Volume 21, Volume 22 and Best of UTD Edition are still available. First come, first serve. For a mere $10 you can have your own copy of Reunion. Send checks or money orders here. An extra $3 to allay the costs of shipping would be greatly appreciated. UT Dallas students may stop by our office (JO 4.904) to procure their copy gratis.

Of Moons, Mirrors and Mermen: An Interview with Ryan Obermeyer
by Jon Lee Hart, featured interview of Reunion 2009PDF File 67 KB

The Literary Jester: An Interview with Christopher Moore
by Danielle Marie Georgiou, featured interview of Reunion 2009PDF File 59 KB

Update: Reunion Submissions. Reunion submissions will resume September 15 - December 1, 2010. For examples of past categories please visit the Submission Guidelines