Sojourn Journal Volume 20
Table of Contents

Eyes Commuting, painting by Richard L. Ross
Kay Koppedrayer Intersecting Pathways
Tanfer Emin Tunc Deconstructing Dolores
Jennifer D. Munro Against Mounting Odds
Scott Wiggerman Home
Nathan McClain How to Properly Throw a Boomerang
The Man with an Extra Heart inside His Bowling Bag
Billy Collins The Flying Notebook
Matthew Guenette Compound Fractures
Farrah Field Ann Lee Snuffs Candles before Bed
Confederated Deviltry
Mary Crow Near the Ruined Temples
Rae Champagne Two-Thirds of a Love Song
Tzivia Gover I, Cordelia
Melanie Sevcenko Joshua's Endless Walk
Snezana Dzakovic Come to Belgrade
Heart's Flesh
Arthur Sze Ox-Head Dot
Ellen Kombiyil Flying
Brenton Cross Ghetto Dance Hall
Coming to America
Nancy Tupper Ling The China Daily
John P. Kristofco Soccer on the Baseball Fields
Patrick Carrington Crazy Mabel
Randall Horton A Street Lesson Almost Too Late
Tony Williams The Children of Zoraster
Karen An-Hwei Lee Salvages
Amy Unsworth The Drowned Girl Orders a Cone
From the Greenhouse
Dallie Clark A Map and a Compass: An Interview with Billy Collins
Lisa Hull Reed Choreographing the Silences: Arthur Sze Speaks on Poetry and Translation
Visual Art
Jing Zhou Infinity
Owiredu Baffour Ultranova
Eric McGehearty Repetition of Unreadable Books
Access Denied
Russell S. Peagler Fall
Jamie Kalangara Reaction #3
Reaction #2
Ryan Obermeyer Della Vigna (Inverted Tree II)
Richard L. Ross Peas in the Street
Eyes Commuting
Vanessa Cash ffffftttthhhhh
Blue Sweater Monster
Lucinda Luvaas A Quiet Day in the Park
Netta Sadovsky In the Museum
Moses Hoskins untitled
John Spriggins Gloco
Gary Grogan House
Scott Trent Oliver
Eilene Houston-Carver Seeker, Bev
Two Fists Full, Kirk
Not a Sparrow Falls
M. M. DeVoe Keep Watch
David Galef Zack and the Beanstalk
Joe Aguilar The Kid Gets Hit
Christopher (Kit) Kelen, Amy Wong and Hilda Tam floating cloous and hidden dragon (from Chinese)
Aaron Crippen Oblivion (from Chinese)
Alireza Mahdipour Sonnet 75 (from English to Farsi)
Marc James Müller farewell and heavy (from German)
Kimberly Johnson The World Inclines to Worse (from Latin)
Eric Bliman Vespers (from French)
Lori Romero Noon Whistle
Contributor's Notes

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