Sojourn Journal Volume 21
Table of Contents

Breakfast of Champions, by Nancy L. Brown
Kelly Xintaris Lost Letters
Dorine Preston Los Gringos Perdidos en Desierto Sonora
Julia Meylor Simpson Landmark
Jonathan Greenhause Within His Head, an Origin of Species
Charles Rutter From the Bank
Lavonne J. Adams Taos, Early July
Tina Gaynon Ars Poetica
Philip Pardi Late September Considered as a Yes to All Questions
Susan Briante Texas Rosebud
John P. Kristofco Turning Red
Jessica Wigent Kansas is a Breeze Near the Ground
Remembering M.
Sam Magavern The Fool’s Fate
The Accountant’s Blues
Shoshauna Shy Eleventh Day of Separation
C. M. Foltz The Woods I Observed Before It Started Raining
Allison Smythe Will Work for Paradise
Art History: Jurisdiction of Noise in a Landscape
(see note)
Robert James Berry Asian Rivers
Fossil Fish
Christina Cook Master of the Vyssi Brod Alter
Alan Gann The Worst Cup of Coffee in the World
Kelli Russell Agodon Sleeping with the Magician
Andy Amato Rainbows at Night
Michael Meyerhofer Albert Einstein Eats a Snow Cone on the 14,000,000,000th Birthday of the Known Universe
S. B. del Llano To Bring the Light
One Hundred Degrees Fahrenheit
Susan Briante Image Isn't Enough: An Interview with Philip Pardi
Diane Durant McGurren An Interview with Artist Stephen Lapthisophon
Bart Chaney The Best Job in the World
J. S. Brown In Bulgaria
Visual Art
Corrine Bayraktaroglu Dead Space
Jennifer Buell Broken Cisterns
Switchboard Angels
Ernest Williamson III World Peace Held
Bora Akinciturk Untitled
Nancy L. Brown Untitled
Breakfast of Champions
Stephen Lapthisophon JB
My Heritage, My Tradition, My Voice
Brian Johnson A Suburban Transformation
Fertilizing Fields of Artificial Turf
Charles Farrell Echo
Robert Wexelblatt Kolwitzer’s Father
Alex S. Hargis Speakeasy
Renee Emerson The Lemon Grove
Roxana L. Cazan Teeth (from Romanian)
James Fassler III Your Redolence (from Latin)
George Henson Tribute to Paul Celan (from Spanish)
Marilyn Crouse Bland The Unknown Soldier (from Afrikaans)
Donna Spector Crystal Ball
Jay Thames Bullets over Barry
1. Sojourn incorrectly reproduced Allison Smythe’s poem “Art History: Jurisdiction of Noise in a Landscape.” It is reprinted here with the appropriate line breaks and title. Our apologies to Ms. Smythe as well as to our readers.
2. Sojourn incorrectly reproduced a line in Jay Thames’s short “Bullets over Barry.” The complete work is reproduced here with the correction. Our apologies to Mr. Thames as well as to our readers.

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