Meet our Students and Alumni

Summer 2013 Interview Series

What exactly can you do with an Arts and Humanities degree from the University of Texas at Dallas? We’ve got news anchors, web designers, artists, oh my. During the summer of 2013, two talented and hard-working Emerging Media and Communication students, Cynthia Johns and Carrie Lackey, launched a project to delve further into the before and after of A&H alumni and gather tips for current and future students. Partnered with A&H advisors, along with Clinical Assistant Professor Dr. Janet Johnson, the series of Youtube videos was born.

John McKeeLan Nguyen

Family ties led Lan Nguyen to UTD, but it was her desire for web and graphic design, along with the close-knit community , that helped hold the interest of this EMAC alumnae. Because industry experience is a huge plus, she shared with ATEC advisor Kristi Taylor her advice: “go get internships, no matter what.”

John McKeeJessie Lemons

Jessie Lemons, who received both his BA and MA in ATEC, sat down with traditional track advisor Megan Gray to explain how his interest in making video games heightened his interest in the ATEC program. While he entered the program during its more infantile stage, he points out the growth of the program and the endless opportunities the future holds. His advice? Get to know other students and build relationships.

John McKeeKirsten Macy

Interviewed by ATEC Advisor Kristi Taylor, Kirsten Macy shares how she accidentally fell in love with Arts and Performance and how working with the faculty kept her engaged. Macy, whose most recent show was displayed at the Barry Whistler Gallery, advises students to “work harder than you thought you could.”

John McKeeNico Martini

When Nico Martini isn’t spending time at his digital marketing company, the Art and Performance/EMAC graduate  teaches class at UTD. He shared with EMAC advisor Tessa Thibodeau how film is what captured his interest for EMAC and how he’s learned that nailing down a skill set in degree program helps make one more marketable. He expresses that liberal arts is about theory and why it’s important to pay attention to why things not happen, not just be able to do execute.

John McKeeClarissa Brockway

“Have a pretty good grasp of what you want to do when you graduate,” says ATEC graduate Clarissa Brockway. When she sat down with EMAC advisor Tessa Thibodeau, she mentioned how potential employers don’t always know what ATEC, so it’s the graduates responsibility to have a clear picture and educate others.

John McKeeJohn McCaa

It was his international living, along with not having television but having a fascination with radio and sound instead, that helped propel WFAA news anchor John McCaa into his current career path. When traditional track advisor Megan Gray sat down with John at the WFAA Studio in Victory Park, he expressed how learning about people and wanting to continually know more about the world around him also helped him carve out a career. His desire to continue learned has served as a catalyst to pursue his doctorate in the History of Ideas.

Student at computerAandH Advisingg