Giving Opportunities:
A Bridge to the World

The ALTA Endowment
Your support of the ALTA Endowment provides the means for our organization to sustain growth, expand its outreach, respond to the changing needs of literary translators, and further translation in the U.S. and around the world. Gifts in any amount can be made in the form of cash, assets such as real estate, stocks, or tangible property, and estate gifts (bequests, trusts). Gifts can be made as onetime donations or spread out over a period of up to five years.

Consider honoring a loved one, professor, or mentor by establishing a named fund with an ALTA Endowment. Giving in perpetuity through a named endowment provides a lasting tribute. For more information, please consult the guide “Leaving a Legacy: A Guide for ALTA Donors” (PDF).

The ALTA Travel Fellowship Program
Your donation to the ALTA Travel Fellowship program allows beginning translators from around the world to participate in the annual ALTA conference. Each ALTA Travel Fellowship is a $1,000 gift that helps to covers travel and hotel expenses for a beginning translator to come to the conference. Contributions can be made in any amount.

The ALTA General Fund
Your donation to the ALTA General Fund contributes to the day-to-day expense of running the organization. Contributions can be made in any amount.

Gifts at any level are appreciated!












President’s Circle


Rainer Schulte Fellow

Contributions can be made by printing, filling out, and returning the contribution form (PDF) with your donation. For further assistance or information, please contact Maria Rosa Suárez in the ALTA office at 972-883-2092 or at

All contributions are an investment in the future of literary translation, which bridges cultures, languages, and ideas from around the world.

Thank you for your generosity!