In the Presence of Absence
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NTA Winner 2012
National Translation Award

The 2012 National Translation Award winner is Sinan Antoon for his translation of In the Presence of Absence.

Sinan Antoon is an associate professor at New York University. His teaching and research interests lie in pre-modern Arabic literature and contemporary Arab culture and politics. His scholarly works include The Poetics of the Obscene: Ibn al-Hajjaj and Sukhf and numerous essays on the poetry of Darwish and Sargon Boulus, and on contemporary Iraqi culture. He has published two collections of poetry in Arabic and one collection in English: The Baghdad Blues. He has published three novels: I`jaam: An Iraqi Rhapsody, which has appeared in German, Portuguese, Norwegian and Italian editions; The Pomegranate Alone; and Ya Maryam. Antoon has also translated a selection of Iraqi poet Saadi Youssef’s late work, Nostalgia; My Enemy. His translation of Toni Morrison’s Home is forthcoming in Arabic in 2013.

Sinan Antoon