Panels 2010
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Here are just a few of the exciting and educational panels from the 2010 ALTA conference:

  • Imaginary Translators, Imaginary Texts
  • Performing Translations: Chekhov as Case in Point
  • For the Sake of Music: Shifting Notions in Poetry Translation
  • Poets Translating Poets: Keeping the Poem’s Inner Voice Intact
  • Translating (In)Visible Drama: Japanese, Italian, Persian, and American Perspectives
  • Transporting the Id: Carrying Cultural Cues and Ideas across the
  • Play Translation: Getting Started Language Bridge
  • Translating Children’s Literature
  • Walt Whitman: Bridge
  • Directors and Translators: A Dialogue
  • Bringing Back Borges: Editing and Translating New Editions
  • Teaching Non-Western Literature Through Translation