Peter Bull’s first serious translation project was a Pablo Neruda manuscript that he worked on while living in Neruda’s hometown of Valapariso, Chile. As he grappled with the intricacies of Neruda’s complex poetic voice, Peter’s appreciation for the joys of translation began to blossom. Since then, he has translated the poems of Nicanor Parra, worked on medieval aljamiado manuscripts—Spanish texts written in Arabic script, and dabbled in contemporary Arabic poetry. Most recently, he has become interested in contemporary Turkish poetry.


Peter Golub is a Moscow-born poet and translator. His translations can be found in Circumference, St. Petersburg Review, and other journals. He has also edited an anthology of contemporary Russian poetry for the online magazine Jacket. A bilingual edition of his poems, My Imagined Funeral, was published in 2007. He holds an MFA in poetry from The University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Travel Fellowship Winners 2008
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The 2008 ALTA Travel Fellowship winners are Peter Bull, Peter Golub, Jordan Pleasant, and Andrea Rosenberg.


Peter Bull read his winning Spanish translation of Pablo Neruda’s Selected Failings.


Peter Golub read his winning Russian translation of Eugenia Ritz’s Selected Poetry.


Jordan Pleasant read his winning Bengali translation of four poems by Jibanananda Das, “If I Became,” “Ah Kite,” “Wild Ducks,” and “Naked Lonely Hand.”


Andrea Rosenberg read an excerpt from her winning Spanish translation of Alfredo Iriarte’s novel Tropical Bestiary: Dictator Chronicles.

Jordan Pleasant’s translations have appeared in the Journal of Italian Translation, Gradiva, Two Lines: Literature in Translation, the South Asian Review, and Café Irreal. In 2004 he was awarded the Poetry Prize for original poems from the Northern Kentucky Writers’ Alliance. Pleasant is currently studying philosophy and linguistics at Ohio University.


Andrea Rosenberg is an MFA candidate in the University of Iowa’s literary translation program and co-editor of eXchanges, the university’s online translation journal. She translates from Spanish and has recently been working on a translation of Alfredo Iriarte’s Bestiario tropical: crónicas de dictadores, a collection of hilarious, grotesque biographies of Latin American dictators.