ALTA Guides

The ALTA Guides to Literary Translation are brochures that address specific areas of interest for literary translators at all stages of their career. Each guide provides practical information, professional advice from established translators, and lists of useful references and online resources.

The Making of a Literary Translator (PDF) is a great place to begin. With helpful hints about the basics of translation and how to develop your skills, this guide is indispensable for the young or unpublished translator, and is also a beneficial reference for more experienced translators.

Now that youíve been translating awhile, you probably want to publish a translation, or you may need assistance selecting an appropriate text to translate for publication. The guide Breaking into Print (PDF) is the place to begin your journey. It discusses special obstacles faced by the literary translator as well as provides advice and resources to help you become a better-informed and more successful translator.

The guide The Proposal for a Book-Length Translation (PDF) will help direct you through the process of preparing a proposal for a publisher, including how to research and then obtain the English-language rights to the original work. From query to publication, this guide is a valuable resource for the literary translator.

Even a brilliant translation wonít sell unless itís properly promoted. The guide Promoting Your Literary Translation (PDF) will give you the tools to promote actively and creatively your published translation. Promotion is a competition; this guide will help you traverse the process of promoting your translation.

From novice to seasoned professional, all translators will benefit from our newest guide, The Literary Translator and the Internet (PDF). This practical guide offers the nuts and bolts of promoting your translation using the Internet and its many resources.