The ALTA Newsletter features a wide range of updates and information, including:

  • profiles of ALTA members
  • updates about ALTA events, including the annual conference
  • detailed information about ALTA membersí publications and achievements
  • links to publications featuring ALTA members and their translations
  • brief summaries of – and links to – articles and stories from around the world about translation
  • dates for – and links to – more information about conferences around the world

The ALTA Newsletter is published several times a year and is available online on the ALTA website and via email for members.

Please note: As a Newletter ages and becomes out of date, the links within it may not work. Since the Internet is constantly changing, evolving, and updating, we have no control over how long an outside page or site may exist. We apologize if you discover a broken link within a newsletter. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Also visit our calendar for other translation related events and listings.