ALTA’s publications address the many and varied aspects of literary translation, providing literary translators with crucial information for their professional development.

The ALTA Newsletter is a monthly feature that includes the latest news about ALTA’s members and about the world of literary translation at large.

The ALTA Guides to Literary Translation are brochures that address specific areas of interest for literary translators at all stages of their careers. Each guide provides practical information and professional advice from established translators, as well as lists of useful references and online resources.

Translation Review, which is published twice a year, includes interviews with translators, essays about such topics as the process of translation and the historical and cultural aspects of translation, as well as reviews of recently translated works.

Each issue of Annotated Books Received (ABR) provides brief annotations of recently published translations from all languages. ABR is a supplemental publication of Translation Review published twice a year. ABR was previously published as a hardcopy as well as online; however now, it is only available online on the ALTA website.