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Started in 1978, Translation Review is unique in the English-speaking world. While many literary journals publish translations of the works of international authors in English translation, Translation Review focuses on the theoretical, critical, practical, and cultural aspects of transplanting a literary text from one language into another. The pages of Translation Review present:

  • Essays on:
    • The translator’s craft
    • The theoretical and practical dimensions of translation
    • Multiple translations
    • The craft of reviewing and evaluating translations
    • The teaching of the practice of translation and the reading of literature in translation
    • Translation in the digital age
    • Innovative research in translation studies in the United States and abroad
    • The use of translation as a methodological tool to initiate and promote interdisciplinary thinking
  • Interviews with translators
  • Profiles of writers and their English translations
  • Profiles of small, commercial, and university publishers of foreign literature in translation
  • Collaboration with national and international translation centers and programs

Translation Review provides translators, scholars, and readers a forum to cultivate a dialogue about the importance of translation in a globalized world, to illuminate the challenging difficulties involved in transplanting a text from a foreign culture into English, and to increase the visibility and status of the translator in our contemporary world. Translation Review serves as a major critical and scholarly journal to facilitate cross-cultural communication through the refined art and craft of literary translations.

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