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Dongwei Chu

Professional Affiliations and Certifications: Chu Dongwei, PhD, associate professor, School of Interpreting and Translation Studies, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. Member of China Translators Association. Co-founder and editor in chief of Chinese Literature and Culture (ISSN 2332-4287)

Publications: Author of Lin Yutang as Author-Translator (English, 2012) The Platform Sutra (2012, Kindle ebook, part of an upcoming book in English The Wisdom of Huineng, Chinese Buddhist Philosopher). Cheerfulness As a Life Power: Bilingual Reading in English and Chinese by Orison Marden English Learning Revolution On the Meaning of Life by Will Duran (in Chinese Translation) Translation as A Business (shang ye fan yi dao lun ) / Chinese Translation Studies Series, a China 10th Five-Year Plan Book

Education: PhD, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Awards: the 14th Han Suyin (Elisabeth Comber) Translation Contest for Young Translators, third prize, Chinese to English, 2002 the Third Ge Baoquan Translation Prize, prize for excellence, English to Chinese, 2001

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